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November 3, 2011

Dresses dancing in my head

I am crazy excited to go try on wedding dresses this weekend! I have been staring at this dress shop that is right around the corner from my house for the last 3 years that we have been living there. Naturally this place was going to be my first stop when the time had come for looking at wedding dresses, and the time is Sunday! I keep looking at pictures and thinking about what I might want but honestly I know that I am going to have to see what everything looks like on me. Drooling over pictures can only do so much (but it sure is fun!) In an effort to keep in an actual surprise, I don’t want to put any pictures up of what I am thinking of, you will just have to imagine. But here are some stuff I am definitely not thinking will be an option for my wedding dress.


This dress is really just too much! And even thought I am not a virgin I am feeling more white.


This one is just crazy. I honestly don’t think it is that bad besides the shoulders.


Well there you have it, I had a bit of a hard time finding really bad ones. I honestly don’t think the last ones are too bad but they are somewhat ridiculous. But really who am I to judge what people want to wear on their special day?

Would you wear any of these dresses?


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