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September 28, 2011

Ravenous Wednesday!

Today I have been more than hungry. I don’t have any pictures since I lost my camera last week but we will have to just pretend.
7AM- Oatmeal with almond butter and a banana
7:30- Coffee with half and half and honey (yumsies!)
10am- Carrots with Hummus
10:30am- 12 almonds
12:00pm- Leftover Lentil, Kale Sausage skillet from last night.

Now that it is almost 2pm I am finally feeling like my stomach is not a bottomless pit.

In other news it is amazingly gorgeous in the SF bay area right now. I went for a walk on my lunch break and was so warm I wished I had shorts on. In celebration of this amazing weather the fiance and I are going to go out for a dinner date night. I am planning to go for a run right after work shower and then we will hit up one of our local spots with outdoor seating. I was the one who suggesting this outing, but right after I did I was almost regretful. Thinking that maybe it would affect my weight loss this week and I should wait until after my Weigh in at Weight Watchers this Thursday. Then I remembered that I can’t live life like that, and I wont deprive myself for things like that. This is why I am going to run right after work and make sensible decisions. I am in control of my health happiness and well being. Let the sunshine in and the running weather continue! Lets be glorious to ourselves today shall we?

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