March 22, 2012

The Headache from hell!

Yes I have a migraine. And, yes I decided to write about it. Maybe just writing a little about it will send it back to hell where it belongs. I am fairly certain that hell is where it has come from. I am blaming it entirely on stress, bottom line. I think I need more yoga or meditation in my life. Today I sat down and took a few deep breaths and told my brain to calm down. The headache on the other hand decided to rage on. I have an acupuncture appointment for tomorrow morning and I know that is one of the few things that makes me feel better when my head gets angry. Thank you to everyone who has given me tips on what might help. I will now revert back to my spacey day of trying to avoid the sun like a vampire. Yumm, maybe I should go watch The Vampire Diaries again and dream of Stephan. I really need this headache to go away as I have the Hunger Games movie to go see tomorrow night and A marathon relay to conquer on Sunday. More about that on the next episode. Love you lots, kill the Migraine!

March 16, 2012

A long overdue update

Hey there, Not sure that anyone is actually  reading my blog anymore since I have not updated it in so long but things have just been beyond crazy. With wedding planning and my demanding love for exercise it seems that the blog falls on the wayside. In any case, I figured I can give you all a brief summary of what has been going down in the wonderful world of Aly. Lets begin shall we?


Wedding stuff

Well things are moving along quite nicely. Me being the crazy planner that I am I have a ton of the planning stuff done. We have a caterer, my florist is growing my flowers from seed! (Yes I said from seed) My dress is bought and paid for in full. I have an amazing officiant, and the bridesmaids dresses are purchased! I am hopefully going to lock down a DJ this week. And lets not forget that our honeymoon in Bali is already planned and booked! That is my most favorite part of planning by far.

Weight Loss

Well I was floating back and forth with the holidays. But recently I started doing Boot camp and really focusing on my tracking with Weight Watchers. I really like the way that I look and I am trying to focus more on that and my fitness than the number on the scale. It is still hard to see the scale go up but it has been going down the past two weeks! This is a great thing.


This is an important aspect to this blog as I have in the past gone into my emotions on here. This week has been tough I will be honest. Saturday marked the 6 month mark of my brother’s death and it has been pouring rain all week. Both of these things can make me extra grumpy and emotional I have been doing a good job of keeping it mainly under control, but some days are better than others.


Right now I am just super excited to get ready for some st Patrick’s day festivities!


I will be  cooking both this


and This

This was found on this amazing website

Yum get excited!


What are you doing for St Patrick’s Day??

November 4, 2011

Going in with a Smile

This week I decided to not do a weight review. I honestly didn’t go to my Weight Watchers meeting last night either and I planned to not weigh myself this week. The main reason I am doing this is because of the horrible relationship I have with the scale, and I wanted to go into the wedding dress shopping with a smile. I tend to take the number and twist it in my head no matter what it says. If it says I lost, I give myself more justification to splurge a little. If it goes the other direction and shows a gain, I usually just beat myself up and swear to myself to do better the following week. This then leads into me feeling guilty about everything that goes in my mouth and it is just not a good thing. I am not breaking up with the scale permanently, I really do believe that keeping an eye on your weight is a good way to stay on track with your goals. This new scale might change my mind when I am not doing Weight Watchers

The Zero Scale.

I really like the concept of not seeing an actual number on the scale.

Non-Scale Victory!

I was at the gym last night and have a serious NSV; while I was looking at myself in the mirror doing body pump I noticed some muscle definition in my shoulders and arms. I tried to not stare at myself the whole time but hey when your sexy it’s hard 😉 Then as body pump went on I was doing side planks and saw what looked like the starting of a baby 4 pack in my upper abs. I was like whoa! Seriously?? When I went home I realized that it might have just been my angle and the way I was laying but hey I will take anything that looks like abs!

So now I am still beaming over the progress I saw from all my hard work the past few months. I could care less what the evil mean scale says anyways, I am going into wedding dress shopping with a smile 🙂

What are your thoughts on the scale?

I personally have always had a love hate relationship with it, as I said above. But I am not sure that I can truly give it up.

November 3, 2011

Dresses dancing in my head

I am crazy excited to go try on wedding dresses this weekend! I have been staring at this dress shop that is right around the corner from my house for the last 3 years that we have been living there. Naturally this place was going to be my first stop when the time had come for looking at wedding dresses, and the time is Sunday! I keep looking at pictures and thinking about what I might want but honestly I know that I am going to have to see what everything looks like on me. Drooling over pictures can only do so much (but it sure is fun!) In an effort to keep in an actual surprise, I don’t want to put any pictures up of what I am thinking of, you will just have to imagine. But here are some stuff I am definitely not thinking will be an option for my wedding dress.


This dress is really just too much! And even thought I am not a virgin I am feeling more white.


This one is just crazy. I honestly don’t think it is that bad besides the shoulders.


Well there you have it, I had a bit of a hard time finding really bad ones. I honestly don’t think the last ones are too bad but they are somewhat ridiculous. But really who am I to judge what people want to wear on their special day?

Would you wear any of these dresses?


November 1, 2011

New Goals for November

Wow it is hard to believe that October is already over! Especially since I didn’t drink most of the month, I swear it was going to take forever hehe. November is upon us and I am ready  for to take on this month! before we talk to much about goals lets see my super cute Mad Men style Halloween outfit for Saturday’s party.

Aww didn’t I look totally Mad Men style? It took me forever to get my hair even that big, I learned from my researching that for the fabulous “Joan hair” they use false hair, I guess I can’t fake fake hair!

Now that you are all jealous of my first Halloween where I wasn’t super slutty, lets look at how this month went as far as my goals are concerned.

October Goals!

  • lose 3-4 pounds– Well since I had that big drop at the beginning of the month I have been able to  keep it off! I was hoping to have a little more but I will take what I got. My final WI for this month is on Thursday so we will see what the scale says. I am hoping for the best, but this weekend was a little crazy with food.
  • strength train 2 days a week with my running training– I have been doing body pump at my gym 1 time a week and also doing yoga 1 time a week pretty steadily so win!
  • relax and enjoy life even if it means not losing weight that week– This goal is always something I seem to forget, but I did good this whole month weight wise, and relaxing is something I did without trying much because I was fighting the nasty cold Jason had (that counts right?).
  • cook 1 dinner a week– Lets just say this happened. I have been cooking a lot more since I am meal planning more.
  • Don’t worry about what happened yesterday, focus on today– this is something that I will forever have to work on. I stress so easily about everything! I am working on it lets just call it a WIP (work in Progress).

Overall I am really impressed with my results. I even had a few people tell me they can tell I am working hard on my fitness and food, and it is showing in my body. I feel really confident this week with my body and what it is capable of. Well since I kicked major ass on my October goals lets shoot for the stars in November.

November Goals

  • Lose 2 pounds by December 1st
  • Finish my  book (seriously!)
  • Make sure to get 2 days of non running in a week (spin/yoga/body pump)
  • Meal plan every week

I think these are very attainable goals. Since last month I pretty much completed all my goals with flying colors, I am going to keep on keeping on! This month is going to be nuts with training for the Half Marathon in Vegas and Visiting my sister in Oregon, but I am ready for the challenge. I also joined the Pile on the Miles challenge to help keep me in check. Now if only I could make my legs not ache I would be set! Oh well, At least I already did my run for the day.

October 27, 2011

Thursday Thoughts…food porn, workouts

Happy Thursday! I love Thursdays, there is only one more day in the week and most people treat Thursday like Friday anyways so there is usually fun things going on. This week has been pretty mellow, just work and working out and trying to kick whatever thing is going on with me. For the last week it seems that every day I feel good in the morning, then in the late afternoon sometime I start feeling like crap. I get a headache and almost get the chills, I feel congested and just really tired. I have tried sleeping extra and not working out but it seems no matter what I do this keeps continuing. Jason has been really sick for the past week so I am convinced that my body is fighting whatever is going on. Bottom line, right now sucks! It is almost Halloween and I feel like dirt. My BFF aka Man of Honor aka Drew has a tendency to get deathly ill for most of the major holidays so maybe he passed the torch to me, and now it is my turn to get sick for the holidays. Either way I want it to stop. I keep looking at food porn on How Sweet It Is and it is not helping. Let me just say I want to devour everything on this blog! Thanks Nicole for introducing me to my latest addiction 😉 If this doesn’t look like food porn I don’t know what does.

I digress.


Lets take a look at my workouts this week shall we?


Monday- rest from still feeling slightly sick…Gross.

Tuesday- Run that felt like death, I somehow managed to squeak out 4 miles in 50 minutes, how that happened I have no idea!

Then on wednesday I decided to try Bikram again. This time it was a much better success I actually went in there somewhat excited to give it another try and hope for the best.

And I left feeling good and revitalized. I swear I looked exactly the same after the class, you don’t need a post bikram picture 😉

Thursday- Well I woke up at 5:25 before my alarm! I decided to sieze the day and start getting dresses for my run this morning. Well as I was naked in the Kitchen trying to get dressed for running an earthquake hit. I quickly ran to the doorway and then realized if I had to bolt it naked It was meant to be. Thank fully I didn’t have to do that and I went ahead on my run. Besides it being cold and extremely dark I had a great 4.5 mile run! (I just purchased a headlamp to defeat one of those things)

Tonight is my WI and Weight Watchers! I am hoping for the best but I swear I never know what tales from the scale I will learn come WI. Have an awesome day and lets hope I shake this disease Jason gave me.

Do you run at ungodly hours in the dark? What is your favorite food porn website?

October 24, 2011

All Hallow’s Eve, the sober additon

I am sitting here stuffed to the gills with yummy salad. Because the fiance has been utterly sick and defenseless I did what any loving woman would do….not a damn thing as far as grocery shopping and cleaning went. Maybe it was sympathy pains? or maybe I just really wanted to lounge when I was free during this weekend. In any case, today’s lunch was brought to you by Mixt Greens, so good I could eat another mondo salad. Sorry for no picture I seriously devoured the giant thing in less than 4 minutes. Well maybe it took longer but you get the point.

I was thinking of what is a good topic for Monday to talk about and honestly the only thing I can think of is that this is the first Halloween, in a long time, that I am not drinking. No I did not start going to AA or claim myself to be an alcoholic instead I am trying my hardest to lose some weight(especially around the middle) before I try on wedding dresses on November 6th. We have an appointment at a dress shop right around the corner from my house and I am really excited to squeeze into dresses and feel beautiful, at least that is the hope 😉

Back to not drinking, I had my official first day on October 6th, and the dress hunt starts on November 6th, 30 days of trying to not eat all the sweets around me(I have to have a little fun right?) and working my butt off at the gym. So far I am 2 weeks in, and the results?

Well according to my scale at home I lost 1.3 last week, and the week before that I lost 4.2 at Weight Watchers. It will be interesting to see what the scale says at the end of this experience but I can tell that drinking slows down my metabolism. I am sure you have all heard that before from fitness guru’s and the like. I guess being a 26 year old in the SF Bay area I just didn’t want to think about it. But, now that I am seeing and feeling the results I have come to the conclusion of the truth that I already knew; Drinking (can) makes you gain weight.

What am I going to do with this new information? Well I am going to keep my drinking to a minimum. I think that having 3 or 4 drinks a week is pretty decent for most of the time, and the occasional “Drink like a college student” night will just have to be kept occasional. I still have to figure out my Halloween costume and since I won’t be drinking I will be much colder, or at least realize it 😉

October 21, 2011

Podcast love

Sorry for the delay peeps,  I started feeling a little sick Wednesday night on my run, but I think it made me feel worse and yesterday I was pretty much glued to the couch watching Damages. I missed my WW meeting and my weight lifting class, I was pretty bummed about it but I know that trying to get healthy now is better than letting myself get completely sick and overdoing it.

One thing that is helping me feel slightly better since I have been feeling sick is that I have been falling more and more in love with podcasts. In an effort to not let this blog go too crazy with my fuzzy, sick brain that keeps going back to kitties and pie, I will give you some links to some sweet Podcasts I started liking.


First I have to say that I will always have a place in my heart for Adam Carolla, now I don’t suggest listening every day all the time because it can get a little annoying but every few days he is pretty funny. I do like his new cohost Allison as well, on days she is not there it can be boring so beware.


Another podcast that I have been listening to and loving is Comedy Bang Bang.  The main podcast is awesome, and from that I learned about another few really good ones. Make sure to check out How did this get made, a podcast about horrible movies that are so bad they are good, and The Apple Sisters a variety show that takes place in the 40’s, need I say more?.


In other news!

Well it is Friday, I lost 1.3 this week, Score! and I am ready to not feel sick anymore. Have a great weekend!

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October 19, 2011

My first Bikram Experience

There are two words that can describe my first experience with Bikram yoga, Life Changing. Now I may be jumping the gun just a little bit with this one but honestly I feel so refreshed and energized today after doing my first last last night and I feel like a changed woman.
Lets back up for a second and talk about my history with Yoga in general. I first fell in love with yoga back when I was going to Cabrillo, tho community college in Santa Cruz. It was one of my elective classes and I did it 2 times a week for 2 of those years. The first was in the gym, a huge basketball court above me with close to 100 students all getting their fix of Hatha Yoga. This was a good start and when my second year at Cabrillo came I signed up for a class that was downtown in the vets hall. It was kind of loud since it was right downtown but it was peaceful all the same. I had first started doing yoga because I had heard it was great for your back and I had a lot of back pain from various car accidents. When I moved back home to the SF bay I couldn’t find the time for yoga. I was commuting to school and the classes at SFSU were at bad times and it didn’t seem to work out. I had also just recently met my BF (now Fiance) and I was trying to spend as much time with him as I could. Lets not forget that for a poor starving(Not really I wish!) college student yoga studio’s are expensive.
Sorry where were we? Oh yes so I basically stopped doing yoga as much then not at all and found fitness in other places. If some of you are thinking, why Aly why can’t you do yoga at home? Yes, yes I could but I really love the feel of a community and doing classes. I can run on my own but doing Yoga just felt like I needed lots of people.
Back to last night, My running/fitness buddy asked if I was interested in trying Bikram yoga and buying a month unlimited to try out because there was a deal online. I quickly bought the deal because I have been meaning to try it and having someone else to endure the torture with me was just too good to pass up. After trying to plan for weeks we were set on going last night to the late class, starting at 8:15.
Now this class is 90 minutes, just like any traditional Bikram Yoga class, and did the basic 29 positions with breathing exercises. When I first went in I was worried because I do have issues with headaches and heat always seems to trigger it or make it worse. I was doing good for the first hour or so, granted I was sweating so profusely that when I did a forward bend a river of perspiration was flowing into my nose and mouth(super sexy right?), But I was feeling good. My body was warming up and the poses were good. When I hit the 60 minute mark and we did some back poses I could feel my head pounding and I just felt like I might pass out. I calmed down and drank some water and have now realized I need to make sure I eat enough and have some sort of electrolyte drink instead of just water during or before or after the class. I tried to lie down after the 90 minutes and all I wanted to do was get out of that hot room!
I went home and made sure to have a snack and lots of water. I was lying away in bed thinking what a rush and my body was still so warm. I finally fell asleep, probably some time around midnight, then when I woke up I felt amazing. I was able to get up easily and have felt energized all day. My neck is a little sore I think from being in awkward positions or not knowing what to do but all in all I feel soo good. I am definitely going back for more torture! Next time I will try to at least take a picture of the funny studio that is on top of a building.
New Bikram Addict in the making over here ❤

October 18, 2011

Camera phone saves the day!

Well instead of wallowing in the fact that I don’t have a new camera and I don’t have access to being able to easily upload photos from a camera I had an Epiphany, insert the camera phone!

In case you are wondering I am still rocking this historic piece of historyThe first google phone I believe(ask my fiance he is the technology guy in the family…Somehow he sucked all the technological savvyness when we got together hmm)

So I have been looking at lots of blogs and noticing that I really only like looking at ones that have pictures. In an effort to keep all of your attention, I have decided to just use my phone camera..I mean it can’t be that bad right? Don’t answer that I am planning on getting a new phone during Christmas and I am looking into one that has a badass camera on it so hold on to your seats folks this is going to get even better come January! (ok maybe not that much but it’s worth a try)

It is super sunny in SF today, I secretly want it to get cold so I can wear buy all the fall clothes!

But even though it is crazy nice outside I still need my tea to keep me warm.

My little umbrella friend, lets call him red, is sad that he has not been used lately.

Maybe I will go use my little kiss friend today

Haha, that is definitely not going to happen. The last time I got on a skateboard I fell off immediately. I would like to try it again but trying to get another hobby is just not in the cards right now. I am getting excited to eat my Thai leftover chicken curry that I made last night. I would post a recipe but it was really just a mishmash of stuff we had around the house and random ingredients I picked up when I was in a hungry zombie state last night.

Tonight I am finally going to use 1 of my my yoga groupons! It is a hot yoga and it should be intense! It doesn’t start until 8:15 so it is going to be a late night and I need to make sure that I eat something light right when I get home. I am thinking veggie wrap….The Steak stirfry just might have to wait until tomorrow, bummer I am jonesing for red meat!!


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