Move It Girl

This page is dedicated to all my workout and fitness needs! I will have updates from my triathlon and other workout pics as they come in.


Workouts this week


Tuesday- Run 45 minutes with hill repeats

Wednesday- Swim 2100 Yards

Thursday- Spin class 60 minutes

Friday- 30 45 minutes of running outside

This picture is from a pre-race preview of the 3 bears race. I was training for a duathlon.

When I was training for Duathlon, 2 mile run, 18 mile bike ride, 2 mile run, I basically followed the same training as my triathlon. Because the distances were shorter than what my triathon is I did not feel that I had to any more specific training.

Looking back I wish I would have had more hill training. The course contained mainly hills for the run and the bike. I also had never practiced a run, bike, run. My triathlon is a swim, bike, run. Very different things. If I ever do another duathlon I will practice more so my body is used to transitioning to these sports.

In general I treat every race like a force to be reckoned with.  I make sure to have fun, of course, but I want it to be something that is very well planned and prepared. I also have a few key things that I focus on during, and right before the race to ensure I have a great race.

My techniques for racing

  • Stay hydrated throughout the race

This is really a given, I personally have issues with hydration during a race especially on a hot day. During the race and during most of my  training I always carry a hand water bottle or a fuel belt. I also take electrolyte pills to help with hydration. I noticed when I started doing this that my energy level would not drop nearly as much.

  • Fuel every 45minutes to an hour

This is really important for me in particularly. I start to feel sluggish and I get headaches, if I have not had some calories during any type of long distance training or event.

  • Never race with anything new

I have made this mistake before thinking that I needed to wear this new shirt for a race, It turned out that I didn’t need it and ended up being pissed off the entire race that I had to carry it around. I try to think of it as a backpacker, be prepared but don’t over pack.

These are basic things that I have learned with training with Team in Training and my own experiences. The staff that works with Team in Training,really know their stuff and are very experienced. Now that I have competed in 4 or 5 races and I plan to do many more I feel that I have a general knowledge of what I should be doing before and during a race.

When I start getting into longer distances, I will update this with more things I am learning along the way.

Race Results 
2011 Lavaman
April 3, 2011

Bib Number: 77
First Name: Alexandra
Last Name: Ostrosky-Farago
Overall Place: 654
Division: F2529
Gender: F
Swim: 31:14
T1: 3:11
Bike: 1:29:54
T2: 1:25
Run: 1:14:18
Time: 3:20:02

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