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November 1, 2011

New Goals for November

Wow it is hard to believe that October is already over! Especially since I didn’t drink most of the month, I swear it was going to take forever hehe. November is upon us and I am ready  for to take on this month! before we talk to much about goals lets see my super cute Mad Men style Halloween outfit for Saturday’s party.

Aww didn’t I look totally Mad Men style? It took me forever to get my hair even that big, I learned from my researching that for the fabulous “Joan hair” they use false hair, I guess I can’t fake fake hair!

Now that you are all jealous of my first Halloween where I wasn’t super slutty, lets look at how this month went as far as my goals are concerned.

October Goals!

  • lose 3-4 pounds– Well since I had that big drop at the beginning of the month I have been able to  keep it off! I was hoping to have a little more but I will take what I got. My final WI for this month is on Thursday so we will see what the scale says. I am hoping for the best, but this weekend was a little crazy with food.
  • strength train 2 days a week with my running training– I have been doing body pump at my gym 1 time a week and also doing yoga 1 time a week pretty steadily so win!
  • relax and enjoy life even if it means not losing weight that week– This goal is always something I seem to forget, but I did good this whole month weight wise, and relaxing is something I did without trying much because I was fighting the nasty cold Jason had (that counts right?).
  • cook 1 dinner a week– Lets just say this happened. I have been cooking a lot more since I am meal planning more.
  • Don’t worry about what happened yesterday, focus on today– this is something that I will forever have to work on. I stress so easily about everything! I am working on it lets just call it a WIP (work in Progress).

Overall I am really impressed with my results. I even had a few people tell me they can tell I am working hard on my fitness and food, and it is showing in my body. I feel really confident this week with my body and what it is capable of. Well since I kicked major ass on my October goals lets shoot for the stars in November.

November Goals

  • Lose 2 pounds by December 1st
  • Finish my  book (seriously!)
  • Make sure to get 2 days of non running in a week (spin/yoga/body pump)
  • Meal plan every week

I think these are very attainable goals. Since last month I pretty much completed all my goals with flying colors, I am going to keep on keeping on! This month is going to be nuts with training for the Half Marathon in Vegas and Visiting my sister in Oregon, but I am ready for the challenge. I also joined the Pile on the Miles challenge to help keep me in check. Now if only I could make my legs not ache I would be set! Oh well, At least I already did my run for the day.

October 27, 2011

Thursday Thoughts…food porn, workouts

Happy Thursday! I love Thursdays, there is only one more day in the week and most people treat Thursday like Friday anyways so there is usually fun things going on. This week has been pretty mellow, just work and working out and trying to kick whatever thing is going on with me. For the last week it seems that every day I feel good in the morning, then in the late afternoon sometime I start feeling like crap. I get a headache and almost get the chills, I feel congested and just really tired. I have tried sleeping extra and not working out but it seems no matter what I do this keeps continuing. Jason has been really sick for the past week so I am convinced that my body is fighting whatever is going on. Bottom line, right now sucks! It is almost Halloween and I feel like dirt. My BFF aka Man of Honor aka Drew has a tendency to get deathly ill for most of the major holidays so maybe he passed the torch to me, and now it is my turn to get sick for the holidays. Either way I want it to stop. I keep looking at food porn on How Sweet It Is and it is not helping. Let me just say I want to devour everything on this blog! Thanks Nicole for introducing me to my latest addiction 😉 If this doesn’t look like food porn I don’t know what does.

I digress.


Lets take a look at my workouts this week shall we?


Monday- rest from still feeling slightly sick…Gross.

Tuesday- Run that felt like death, I somehow managed to squeak out 4 miles in 50 minutes, how that happened I have no idea!

Then on wednesday I decided to try Bikram again. This time it was a much better success I actually went in there somewhat excited to give it another try and hope for the best.

And I left feeling good and revitalized. I swear I looked exactly the same after the class, you don’t need a post bikram picture 😉

Thursday- Well I woke up at 5:25 before my alarm! I decided to sieze the day and start getting dresses for my run this morning. Well as I was naked in the Kitchen trying to get dressed for running an earthquake hit. I quickly ran to the doorway and then realized if I had to bolt it naked It was meant to be. Thank fully I didn’t have to do that and I went ahead on my run. Besides it being cold and extremely dark I had a great 4.5 mile run! (I just purchased a headlamp to defeat one of those things)

Tonight is my WI and Weight Watchers! I am hoping for the best but I swear I never know what tales from the scale I will learn come WI. Have an awesome day and lets hope I shake this disease Jason gave me.

Do you run at ungodly hours in the dark? What is your favorite food porn website?

October 12, 2011

Busy days and nights.

I wish I had a million pictures to post for you but I don’t. I am currently in a lull with taking pictures (possibly because I lost my camera and I have resorted to using the camera we found in Mexico in the ocean a few years ago…A story for another time) But I think most of it is because I barely have time to relax in the day especially upload photos to a computer and talk about the things I have done. I guess this blog is just going to have to be a little toned down until I can figure out a balance. I am sure you don’t mind too much, I mean your still reading right? Well I know if I were you I might be wondering what it is that I do that makes me so busy that it is hard to be a savage blogger like the rest that are out in blog land. Here is a look at yesterday.

6:30- Alarm goes off and I actually feel pretty well rested and decide to get up and take a shower.

6:45- I start getting breakfast ready, put the oats in the pot and chop up some peaches to go in the mix.

7:00- Eat Breakfast and start getting my lunch together.

7:25-7:45- Stare at my closet cursing to the cats that I have nothing to wear, Dig around for some clean socks. Decide that I need new shoes and a new wardrobe then finally find something that will work to wear.

7:55- Make sure my Ipod is synced up and grab my lunch so I can head out the door to get in the carpool line.

8-8:15- Wait for carpool, listen to Funny podcast while people in carpool line stare at me because I am laughing out loud. Then I get in a car and act like a normal person.

8:35-8:45- Arrive in SF- Step over bums and pigeons on my way to work, still listening to podcast and thinking about why I decided to give up Coffee for the 356th time.

8:50- Arrive at work ready to be a computer zombie for the next 8.5 hours.

9:00am-5:30PM- Work, drink tea, work some more, eat my healthy lunch that I packed, see funny cat video, work more.

5:30-5:40- Walk to Bus then get on bus and either a. Fall asleep b. freeze to death because the A/C is on for some ungodly reason.

6::15-6:30- Arrive home and get ready to go for a run.

6:30-7:15- Run like the wind listening to Lady Gaga and Britney mouthing the words and looking like a weirdo.

7:25- shower again

7:45- Start making Tempeh Wrap with veggies, soo yummy.

8:00- Eat dinner and watch Mad Men.

9:00- Clean up dinner and put away some laundry, finding other thing to clean throughout the way, then decide my attempt is futile and I will have to clean again this weekend.

10:00 Fall asleep wishing there were more hours in the day.

I guess now that I look at it I could have blogged during Mad Men, but I was knitting and trying to get away from the computer for a little bit. Well that was yesterday and tomorrow marks a new WI day and I just got a new scale yesterday. I am actually looking forward to Weight Watchers this week because I really have tried hard this week. I am also excited to have a scale at home that I can check in the mornings so I get more of an idea of what my “true weight” is. Well I hope that was exciting for you. I have to say it wasn’t that exciting reliving the day like that. I need to be more exciting…

Exciting post coming soon…

October 7, 2011

Being real for real

Well I had a pretty big slap in the face last night at my Weight Watchers meetings. I guess I just learned again that half-assing the plan is not going to get me to see weight loss results. I really want to lose this weight so I am commuting to focusing on my weight loss and reminding myself daily that I am doing this for myself not just to get into a super hot wedding dress. I can complain about it being tough and hard but the fact is that I just want to have less junk in the trunk! At this point I just want to be back to my Pre-triathon training weight of 163, it doesn’t seem that hard but 20 pounds is 2o pounds no matter what. It is going to take dedication and perseverance and a lot less beer.  Source

Yes I know Boohoo, So I won’t be able to go out and party like I am 21 again, I guess it is just the truth that I really have to account for myself and really focus on that.

For anyone that might actually be reading this….

Would it be interesting/beneficial for me to do a daily eats on my page to help keep me accountable? Especially when going out on the weekend? What about only doing daily eats on the weekend (my trouble time) …

Next week I am going to come back smaller and weighing less damn it! PS I need to run my ass off because I only have 8 weeks until the Vegas Half Marathon( be jealous)

October 3, 2011

Octobre, just go with it.

I am not sure if that is how you actually spell it but for some reason I keep saying Octobre instead of October so I am just going to go with it. I already feel like this month has started off great. Aside from the mini splurges I did this weekend (lunch out with the fam followed with wine tasting and several pieces of cheese throughout the day/night and a few more beers) I think I did pretty darn good. It was the first weekend of Octobre so that right there says it. Actually I am not sure if it says anything but again just go with it.

Lets look at my goals for September shall we?

  • Read 1 new book- Booya Bitches! I read 3 new books because I finished the Hunger Games trilogy!
  • workout 3-5 days a week (Start half marathon training and cross train!)- I was really consistent with this, There was one week where I know I only worked out 2 days but considering the circumstances I consider that a win.
  • try 1 new recipe a week- Not so great on this one, I might have or might not have. Jason does most of the cooking honestly, an I help on occasion. Maybe I should start getting Jason to post on here 1 time a week about a meal he cooked hmm.
  • lose 5 pounds- Definetly not, but hey at least I weigh less than I did on the first. I lost 1.2 pounds this month. I am going to shoot for double that as to not be too crazy about losing as it seems to be going much slower than I was hoping for.
  • Blog more!- I consider this a win. I am working harder and harder at this and hope to have to pictures up regularly.
  • meal plan- I meal planned a few times during September but not every week. I want to be better at this, it can be challenging because I know that Jason doesn’t care too much for it and since he cooks more it can be tough.
  • work on me vs me- This is an ongoing battle but I think it is going better. There was a lot of stuff going on in September but I think I handled it well and didn’t beat myself up too much.
  • continue wedding planning- Check and Check! We are getting our save the dates this week and sending them out. We have also finalized out  guest list for now. Next step is to meet with caterers.

October Goals!

  • lose 3-4 pounds
  • strength train 2 days a week with my running training
  • relax and enjoy life even if it means not losing weight that week
  • cook 1 dinner a week
  • Don’t worry about what happened yesterday, focus on today

Well there we have it folks. I have some good goals I think and I really thing I can attain all of them and come out with flying colors come November! Since I had my last Weigh in from Weight Watchers be the previous week right before the 1st, I am going to do that for this month as well. I am also going to buy a scale so I can check my weight in the morning and get more accurate results as opposed to the evening which is when my official Weight Watchers WI is. Here are some cute pictures from my fall festive Sunday where I decorated and cooked up some fall happiness!

Our Halloween Bride and Groom 😉

Doesn’t this squash look like a mushroom from Mario? We kept calling it the 1up squash. Yes we are beyond nerdy at our house 🙂 Happy Octobre peeps! I will be back soon.

September 26, 2011

Live life and love it

This is weird, trying to get back to reality and still remember the important lessons I learned the last few weeks. Lets start with the lessons that I feel are so important everyone should know and remember them, especially when times are tough or stress is at a level red.

1. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

I always seem to get upset and distracted easily by how “bad” my last meal was, or when I missed 1 workout this week but managed to make all of my other ones. I know that I am working daily on myself, inside and out. So I really need to work on not stressing that 1 meal.

2. Live every day like it is your last.

This is all too real after losing my brother last week. I am trying to use it as a positive thing to help me be more open to seeing people frequently as well as taking care of my body physically. This is a challenging one because I can tend to rely on staying at home in my “comfort zone” where I have all control of food that goes in my mouth. But if it was my last day I would spend as much time with family and friends as I could and just enjoy life. This is a balance I will have to work on.

Those are the two main ones that seem to  be sticking with me as I try to get back into my “normal” routine which is usually work, workout, eat, sleep during the week. I am spicing things up and seeing people more often if I can. Learning how to enjoy life and not go overboard is something that I have struggled with for a very long time. I am very black and white, good or bad, I am either cheating on my diet plan or I am being amazing and not doing 1 thing wrong. This is not a logical way to go through a life change. This is not a diet anymore this is a life change that I want to really work on. I am focusing on the fact that I am down from where I was weight wise at the beginning of the month, this is a start. With everything that happened I can not be too upset about gaining a bit back, or not hitting my goals 100% this month. A new month is coming and I know I can do better. I have to look at the big picture, I want to live life and love it.

September 8, 2011

September so far…Pumpkin anyone?

First off thank you to everyone who read my last post and commented, It makes me feel better to hear a response to things I bring up on here. To everyone else, I love you and thank you for reading in general 🙂

I figured since we are coming to an end of the first official week of September I would do a little recap of my goals and see how I am doing this week, I weigh in tonight and I will be back to update on the weight loss or gain? tomorrow. Here is a list of what my weekly/month goals are for September.

Read 1 new book– I started the Hunger Games and I am already more than half way through I am thinking I can finish the series this month.
workout 3-5 days a week (Start half marathon training and cross train!)– Last week I worked out like a beast! I did TWTF then Sunday. This week I did last night and I going tonight then for sure on Sunday possibly Saturday so 3 days no problem! Half marathon training starts on Monday and I have a buddy! Yay!! Tonight is body pump lets hope I love it and it will be my new cross trainnig plan.
try 1 new recipe a week-Last week we made a seafood risotto and last night we tried Vegan Mac and Cheese(we only had Vanilla Almond milk, it wasn’t bad but it was definitely Nilla Mac instead of regular.
lose 5 pounds– I will find out tonight how I am doing so far, it was a cleanse week so I have to take whatever comes with a grain of salt but I am back on track no matter what! Weight Watchers here I come Mother F-ER!

Blog more!– ummm I am pretty much doing it daily during the week, this is a yes for this week!
meal plan– Last week this didn’t happen so much since I started the cleanse, this week I am putting my shopping game face on, watch out Berkeley bowl!
work on me vs me– I have a book on this and plan to get started on it this weekend.
continue wedding planning– We are getting the save the dates in order and We are going to set up meetings with caterers….I need to sit down with Jay soon to finish the guest list.

All in all I am feeling really good about this week, It helps to see everything laid out in front of me and see where I am trying to go from here. Continue doing what I am doing and kick it up a notch.

On a side note I am sooo excited for Pumkin season, I seriously want to stuff my face with pumpkin pie and drink my body weight in pumpkin beer.


September 7, 2011

Your doing What?

I knew that doing a cleanse and talking about it publicly on Facebook and on this blog was going to get some sort of reaction from people. Many have applauded, while some have downright said why would you ever want to do that. Yes if you would have talked to me a few years ago I would have said the cleanse sounds crazy as well. I would have never done something like that in a million years, but I also would never have done anything like compete in a triathlon, or train for half marathons, let alone run for just plain old fun.

I am a different person now and my health means more to me than anything. Sure, looking good in a tight pair of jeans is up there on my list of why I am doing this, but I am also just wanting to feel good and healthy for as long as I can. It makes me so sad to see so many people around me have illnesses. My heart goes out to anyone I meet who is either battling cancer or even just trying to get their diabetes under control. Maybe I am not able to save myself from certain types of ailments that can stop you dead in your tracks and make your whole world turn upside down, but at least I feel like I am trying my best to fight right now. This really has an emotional toll on me as I am currently losing a loved one before my vary own eyes, and maybe nothing would be different if everyone just took care of themselves a little better…But what if it was?

I appreciate all of your comments and concerns and don’t worry I am still eating enough food and I am not working myself out to death while I am doing this. I honestly feel great and would do this again in the future.

Have you ever done a cleanse? Did people think you were crazy?

September 1, 2011

September Goals

Wow my birthday month is already over?? haha that is a complete joke because I am so ready to get back on track. I pretty much took all of August off as far as Blogging, Meal Planning, workouts, and weight loss is concerned. But Hey, That is what Birthday’s are for right? I was also coming off of a year hiatus of training for triathlons back to back, so I am going to call it a pass. So without further adu here is my September Goals.

  • Read 1 new book
  • workout 3-5 days a week (Start half marathon training and cross train!)
  • try 1 new recipe a week
  • lose 5 pounds
  • Blog more!
  • meal plan
  • work on me vs me
  • continue wedding planning

This list is somewhat extensive but I am ready to tackle it, I already started a new book (the hunger games yay!) and I met with a personal trainer last night. I have weight watchers tonight and that will be my new starting weight for the month. I am even going to try a new recipe this week already planned-These Blueberry Pie Pancakes Yumzilla!! I blogged yesterday and today and I am going to charge my camera so I can get some pics up for you peeps! Me Vs Me….well that is an uphill ongoing battle but my acupuncturist is helping me with it and I am going to read some self help books to guide me along. So far I am feeling good about September! Onward and downward peeps!

What are your goals? (should I stop putting questions up since no one comments on my blog? haha)

August 31, 2011

Ready as I will ever be

Lets just say that most of my weight loss goals for August completely landed in the water. I am learning to be OK with this, I am ready to tackle September like it is my my only dying wish (or I need to get fit for a wedding dress and want to look and feel smokin’ hot) Since today is the last day of the month I have decided to start a new goal list for September and truly kick it’s ass!

I will wait until tomorrow to fully unveil the list but I figured I could give you a little heads up of what I have been doing since I took a week off life and pretty much partied like I was 21 again…I turned 26 on Wednesday but who is counting?

What have I been doing so far?

  • I started squeezing a half a lemon in luke warm water and drinking a full glass of this every morning(My liver is thanking me)
  • Since Monday I have been hydrating with lots of water and coconut water to the point of my belly exploding…not really but close!
  • I am thinking more about what I am eating and trying my best to track everything that goes in my mouth
  • I started putting my workouts in my calendar so I can have it all planned out and I have less of an excuse to blow them off.

So far so good! I made it to Turbo Kick boxing last night right after work and felt like I was going to die great! I was even lucky enough to come home to my loving Fiance who was cooking a healthy chicken vegetable dish. I planned out my breakfast and lunch for today and I am feeling better than ever!

I stepped out of my food box!

I decided to make a breakfast egg white burrito, it was amazing and such a nice change from oatmeal or toast. It had veggies which is a huge Plus!

I even brought a bag of carrots and had carrots and hummus as a snack.

I am feeling great about getting back on track and I need to really remember these feelings and try to not forget them when I start going All or Nothing Aly.

Keep updated for my goals for September!

What have you been doing to be healthy?

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