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August 2, 2011

Finding the good in the bad

So some of you may already know that I had a bike crash on the way to the Barb’s Race Triathlon this past Saturday. I will spare the exact details but basically I went head over handlebars and hit my helmet and chin hard on the cement. My chin started gushing blood and I went back to our vacation rental with tears in my eyes and a rag on my chin. Jason was such a great guy, he did everything he could to make me feel better and stitch me up. The cut on my face would not stop bleeding for anything at first. Finally after about 10 band-aids and lots of ice we were able to get the blood to stop. I didn’t want to just sit and wallow in our room so I did what any person who might have a mild-concussion and a lot of pain would do- we went to the bar to drown away my sorrows.

After the 1 beer we went to lunch since I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything since 5am that morning. I tried to chew lightly and managed to get down some food. The next plan was to go to the race finish line to get my run gear and turn in my timing chip. I found my gear and started seeing athletes everywhere. It took all I had to not just break down and cry right there. I searched for a volunteer to give my timing chip back and they told me to find Barb(the founder of the race) so I can get my medal still. I didn’t want a medal if I didn’t race, bottom line. I finally found someone to give the timing chip too and told Jason we had to leave because this was too hard for me emotionally. I was cheering for my friends on the inside but I was still in a lot of pain and I needed to get away from the race. I hope those of you who raced understand that I could not be there.

I am looking back thinking about what could have happened, I could have broken a bone and been rushed to the hospital. I could have gone into oncoming traffic. I am lucky I was able to get up and ride away and my bike is barely messed up. I am barely messed up. I am still a strong woman who could have done the race but it was not in the cards for me that day. I will return to triathlons but for now I plan to focus on wedding planning and getting better physically and emotionally. It was a lot of stress training for this race and I loved it most of the time, but I need a break from it right now. I am focusing on the good things in my life instead of the bad. And wedding planning is going to be good…Real good.

July 28, 2011

Nervous, and a look back to the first time…

So many feelings are going on right now. I really can’t share all the excitement/nervousness/fear/love I am feeling, so instead I decided to do an interpretative dance… [Insert dance here] I wish I had enough time to come up with a dance and then do it for you and somehow video tape and and put it up but I do not. So I figured instead I would post up some pictures of what my first race looked like and then we can have some awesome comparisons. In a way this kind of feels like my first race, I don’t know what to expect and I am doing something for the first time. Granted I have done other triathlons but this is the longest distance I will be doing to date! I really don’t think I will ever do an Iron man…..(think is the key word here)


The morning of the race

Betty's Debut!

My bike is on the left, look how pretty blue betty looks in the mist.

This is my girl Christina, she was such a savage new mama doing a triathlon I miss the hell out of you Christina!( Now that I look back, even though I weighed less my face is thinner now than it was then…hmmm. something to consider when being bummed about gaining weight.)

Hair braiding before the race!

My mom came to my first triathlon, It was so great having my family down in Monterey,CA cheering me on for my race!


Getting ready to Jump in the water!

Bike Bike Bike!!



This was a rough run, as they always are. I have to say that running during a triathlon is always the hardest part, maybe  because you just did two other sports? ya think?

Then things got a little crazy at the after party…..Lets just say Tri peeps know how to party!


That is a little photo recap of my first ever Triathlon. Looking back at it I remember how amazing it was. I loved all these people and I now know that triathlon training was more than just a race for me it was building a family. Maybe that is why I don’t have the same feeling going into this race as I did the last two. I had my team with me, My friends I made throughout the tough training days. I guess I learned that Triathlon training is meant to be with a team, training my my own was by far way harder than with the team.

In any case are we ready to kick some half Iron Ass or what!

March 31, 2011

Getting ready for Hawaii!

My Triathlon bag is huge and will be filled with

  • goggles
  • swimcap
  • trisuit
  • running shoes
  • biking shoes
  • pedals
  • helmet
  • gu
  • bike gloves
  • water bottles
  • visor
  • socks
  • miscellaneous plane stuff

I have a large suitcase for everything else. Lets hope that I have everything I need and can fit all my goodies I am bringing back. Tonight is the final night I have in California. I wake up at 5am to leave our house at 6 to be at the airport at 7. My flight leaves at 8:50 and I arrive in Hawaii at 11:26. I think I am ready to  rock this triathlon and rock Hawaii. I truly feel blessed to have so many amazing teammates and such a great, generous , and amazing friend, Ashley, to let us enjoy Hawaii longer and take over her apartment in Honolulu! I promise to post pics and updates as much as I can. Jason just bought a new camera so this blog is going to be bitchin….Just sayin ;P

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