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June 6, 2014

30 Day Challenge Begins!

Alright peeps here we go! I am challenging myself to be a better me every day for the next 30 days(lets hope it lasts longer 😉 I am going to make sure I do one good thing for myself every day and make sure all of my choices are deliberate and healthy! Working at a winery makes it challenging to not drink completely, so my goal is to only have 2 drinks a week for 30 days. Maybe some of those weeks I will have 0 maybe not. I will eat gluten free, low sugar and as primal as possible. I am making sure my goals are small and achievable. I also will be keeping to my Marathon training that officially starts on Monday! So far this is my list of goals for the next 30 days!! 4th of july might be rough but when that comes closer we will chat about it.

Goals June 6th-July 13th! 

Do one special good thing for myself every day

Only have 2 drinks a week (Wine/cocktails only no gluten)

Eat gluten free, low sugar, mostly primal

Keep up with Marathon training  


What goals do you have for the month? 

Have you been struggling with anything lately? 

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