The Challenge

When I think of the word challenge I think of something that is hard but still doable. It is a challenge because I have to really look at myself and find a way to make it happen. The challenge I am about to embark on is loving myself.

When I was in yoga this morning(aka the best thing about my days and I really wish I could afford to be a yoga instructor) at the end of class the instructor told us to work on the ultimate challenge; to love yourself right now while still moving forward. This is something that resonates with me so well right now. I am currently looking for another job but also trying to find what I really want to do. I struggle with feeling like there are not a lot of options out there for me, and with a tough economy to boot, it just feels slightly hopeless. At least that is what I have been saying and feeling in the past.

Today is a new day, the sun is shining and I am going to really work on loving myself as I am right now. Focus on what you are doing right at this moment, and if you are doing it to the best of your ability you are already a great accomplishment. It is too easy to focus on the future or the past. But that is just it, it is not what is happening right now. Right now is what you can actually change and what you can actually work on.

As my Yogi said this morning, loving yourself right now but still setting goals and looking ahead. This will be what I am going to work on and this will be what the new focus of this blog is. Of course there is always going to be fitness, fashion and food because these are all the things in my life I have grown to love. But the focus will always be on love and truly loving the moment right now.

What are you going to do to love yourself today?

Yoga was a great love and an amazing journey which it always is so I am happy I did that for myself. I am also going to dedicate some time to work on my Personal Training degree and do a little reading. Job hunting will be there tomorrow today is for love.


4 Comments to “The Challenge”

  1. Oh, I love this! It’s similar to the theme that I’ve been working with lately, embracing who you are right now while still making plans to move forward and learn and grow. Not projecting so far into the future that you lose yourself and the value and beauty you have!

    This morning, to love myself, I went to the gym before work. I did a good workout and then pushed myself hard at the end for a little extra self respect. I’ve also been drinking green tea for hydration and detox.

    PS. Maybe you can’t be a yoga instructor right this second….but are there courses you can take that will get you one step closer? In that vein, I’ve wanted to be a personal trainer for almost four years now…and I took the first step finally and took the course and am now studying for the exams. I still have to go to my soul-sucking job every day but there’s something really self respecting about knowing that while I’m not there yet, I’m doing things to make my dream come true.

    • Thanks so much for the comment! Unfortunately the yoga instructor course is an intensive and you basically work on it and pay up front the whole fee which is around 2,000. I am nervous about the personal training test but I finally have it scheduled and I have about a month to really study and pass. After that who knows but since it seems endlessly job hunting sucks the life out of me then I will focus on this for today 🙂

  2. I am studying NASM certification. Just finished studying for about an hour actually hehe.

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