Saturday and Wednesday WOD

I know the weeks are just passing me by at this point. I am so excited about my up and coming wedding and just busy with life. Between Crossfit, dinners with friends, wedding hair trials, buying various wedding stuff and trying to keep my sanity my schedule is more than a little full. Since I didn’t have a chance to write down Saturday’s WOD (Saturday was straight bananas), here is a recap of my new love of crossfit!


Saturday WOD

4 Rounds for time

10 Squat Cleans (40lbs)

15 Push-ups

20 Pull-ups (Jumping)

25 box jumps ( Tire 18′)



This was challenging  for me. My foot was starting to flare up after all the box jumps  since we did them on Thursday as well. I need to make sure I stretch really good as we tend to not stretch after the crossfit class.

I proceeded to just have a long day in general. I have been spreading myself thin so on Sunday I was not  feeling that great and lounged around. Monday came and I still was feeling slightly under the weather so no crossfit for me 😦 Tuesday I had an acupuncture appt because I really truly needed it! Then I finally made it back to crossfit last night.

Wednesday WOD

5 Rounds for Time: 35 minute cap
20 Turkish Getups (10 each) 10lb KB
1 Building Lap
20 Russian Situps (10 each) @ 10lb KB
20 Ring Rows

Well in the 35 minutes I finished 3 rounds then 11 TGU’s. This was a truly tough workout. I picked a smaller weight because I remembered how hard just 10lbs were when I tried it a few weeks back. I am trying to get my form down before adding more weight. I started doing 10 TGU’s on each side, then round 2 I did 6 on each side, finally at round 3 I was doing 4 on each side then added a few extra because of where the clock was.

I feel so good going back to crossfit yesterday. I swear it is the difference of night and day when I have a good workout. I am getting stronger I can tell, and I can see some progress. I am going to hold off on measurements and weighing myself until next week or maybe the week after. We have been having so much stuff going on I just don’t really care that much. I can tell I am progressing so why do I need an exact number  right now? Maybe I will do it at the 2 month mark and just go from there. Today is crossfit again! I can’t wait to get in the cage after work.


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