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May 11, 2012

NROLFW, starting again to really change my body.

Hello all, I honestly have just not had the motivation to write on this blog. I am still trying to figure things out with where this blog is going but for now I will update where I can. My fashion page has been lacking, and as it if a passion for me I just don’t have the money to get lots of new clothes. I will start posting more pictures of outfits as the weather is nicer. 

Now lets get to the meat of this post. New Rules of Lifting For Women, aka NROLFW. This training program is based on heavy weight lifting. The idea is to abandon the barbie doll weights and really start lifting heavy to see a change in your body. After countless hours doing cardio, I have decided to give this a real shot. For me this means following the program preferably 3 days a week, if only 2 happens sometimes I will not be too hard on myself. If you want more information about this program and book check out the website here 

I attempted to start this program a while back but I was not dedicated. I think I was also half-marathon training or something so heavy weight lifting was not something I could really commit to. After reading lots of success stories and seeing that lots of cardio was not  giving me the body I wanted I am going to commit to NROLFW at least until the wedding. I will most likely continue when I come back but if I can commit 4 solid months I should see some great results. I have not had a chance to take starting measurements or photos but here is my starting weights.


Starting weight for workout 1A

Squats- 65lbs- 20lbs added to weighted bar.

Push-ups- On knees

seated row- 45lbs, I think I can bump this up next time.

step-up- on 4 risers with 10lb weights in each hand

jacknife on ball- 10 reps

I feel good an strong today. It is going to be hard not doing as much cardio, I do love a good run here and there but since my foot is messed up anyways I can’t run for a while. I plan to do light cardio on my off days, hopefully biking and swimming.

Starting photo’s and measurements to come! Come on weight lifting, get me to a super toned body for my wedding in September!

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