The Headache from hell!

Yes I have a migraine. And, yes I decided to write about it. Maybe just writing a little about it will send it back to hell where it belongs. I am fairly certain that hell is where it has come from. I am blaming it entirely on stress, bottom line. I think I need more yoga or meditation in my life. Today I sat down and took a few deep breaths and told my brain to calm down. The headache on the other hand decided to rage on. I have an acupuncture appointment for tomorrow morning and I know that is one of the few things that makes me feel better when my head gets angry. Thank you to everyone who has given me tips on what might help. I will now revert back to my spacey day of trying to avoid the sun like a vampire. Yumm, maybe I should go watch The Vampire Diaries again and dream of Stephan. I really need this headache to go away as I have the Hunger Games movie to go see tomorrow night and A marathon relay to conquer on Sunday. More about that on the next episode. Love you lots, kill the Migraine!


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