A long overdue update

Hey there, Not sure that anyone is actually  reading my blog anymore since I have not updated it in so long but things have just been beyond crazy. With wedding planning and my demanding love for exercise it seems that the blog falls on the wayside. In any case, I figured I can give you all a brief summary of what has been going down in the wonderful world of Aly. Lets begin shall we?


Wedding stuff

Well things are moving along quite nicely. Me being the crazy planner that I am I have a ton of the planning stuff done. We have a caterer, my florist is growing my flowers from seed! (Yes I said from seed) My dress is bought and paid for in full. I have an amazing officiant, and the bridesmaids dresses are purchased! I am hopefully going to lock down a DJ this week. And lets not forget that our honeymoon in Bali is already planned and booked! That is my most favorite part of planning by far.

Weight Loss

Well I was floating back and forth with the holidays. But recently I started doing Boot camp and really focusing on my tracking with Weight Watchers. I really like the way that I look and I am trying to focus more on that and my fitness than the number on the scale. It is still hard to see the scale go up but it has been going down the past two weeks! This is a great thing.


This is an important aspect to this blog as I have in the past gone into my emotions on here. This week has been tough I will be honest. Saturday marked the 6 month mark of my brother’s death and it has been pouring rain all week. Both of these things can make me extra grumpy and emotional I have been doing a good job of keeping it mainly under control, but some days are better than others.


Right now I am just super excited to get ready for some st Patrick’s day festivities!


I will be  cooking both this



and This

This was found on this amazing website http://steamykitchen.com/14556-guinness-corned-beef-with-cabbage-recipe.html

Yum get excited!


What are you doing for St Patrick’s Day??


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