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March 28, 2012

Yin Yoga, My new love

This Monday after the race I tried Yin Yoga for the first time. Here is the Wiki description of Yin Yoga-

Yin yoga- Mostly sitting or lying postures for promoting growth, clearing energetic blockages, and enhancing circulation.

My fitness buddy Nicole invited me to check out a new studio and I figured why not give it a shot. I have been wanting to have more Yoga in my life so this was a great opportunity. Even if it isn’t the kind of yoga that I am used to, I was willing to open my inner yogi and explore what other styles had to offer. Nicole had told me that this class is extremely chill, basically just laying in the various positions so I figured it would be a piece of cake. Well I should have know that no matter what kind of yoga it is, it can always be a little intense.

When we walked into the small studio I was told by the instructor to grab two bolsters ( large pillows with handles), two blankets and two blocks. I set up my area and laid down, ready to stretch out my sore muscles from the race the day before. The instructor then told us that we would be doing so basic cat and cow poses to start off the day before getting into the more “yin” part of the class. When we got into the Yin part that was when we needed to use the bolsters and blocks. The poses were ones that I am familiar with, like child’s pose, forward bend, and pigeon pose; but we were using the props to hold up certain parts of our body so we could sustain the position for 3 minutes. As I was moving through the poses it felt really good but also somewhat intense because of the length of time. The hour and a half somewhat flew by except for the fact that I was hungry and had to pee the last little bit. When I was leaving the class I had a yoga-high that I always love. It made me realize that even though it wasn’t what I would consider a workout, it was still really good for my body and mind. Now that I have tried Yin Yoga I think I will keep doing for a while, it if anything to keep my crazed wedding brain at bay.

March 28, 2012

Oakland Marathon Recap!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I didn’t bring a camera and my phone was not cooperating. I have learned my lesson and will bring my camera to every race now!

This was the first time that I was lucky enough to run in the Oakland Running Festival. A few months ago I was searching for how to keep racing in my life, but not have it take over since I do have a wedding coming up on September 14th. I saw that the Oakland Marathon had an option for a 4 person relay race. I asked a few girls to see if they were down to take on the challenge, and the Bay Area Betty’s were formed. The months leading up to the race seemed to fly by and then it was the day before race day and we had to pick up our packets. This was the first race I have ran that was local so it was really nice to just have to drive 5 minutes to go to the Packet Pick-up. Me and my girl Nicole ventured to the Marriot convention center, in the pouring rain, for the Oakland Running Festival Expo. I, of course, didn’t have my bib number printed out so after some searching through my phone found the info so we could grab our bibs. We grabbed our bibs and left the others for the other girls and worked our way through the small expo. This was somewhat of a disappointing expo compared to the ones I have been to in the past. There we not a  lot of vendors and the free stuff was lacking. We left the expo slightly disappointed but excited for the race the next day, hoping that the rain would stop before morning.  Later that day I got a call from one of my teammates, apparently the volunteers at the expo gave the last of our packet to someone else. That means that our first runner didn’t have a bib or the timing chip band to pass as a baton to each leg! After some frustrating phone calls we were able to get all new numbers, but that meant we had to meet up before the race to collect our bibs for the race. 5:30 AM rolled around the next morning pretty quick and I was getting dressed in my pink tutu and hot pink shirt, scarfing down an almond butter and jelly sandwich before picking up Nicole. I grabbed her and we were off to downtown Oakland to meet up with Amelia and Katie. We met them at a closed starbucks,(Lame!) and got our bibs on. The 2nd leg runner had to be at the bus at 7am so she hightailed it to the bus to get to the second leg of the race. I was the 3rd leg of the race and my bus left at 7:30, apparently some people are pretty darn fast for relay’s. I hopped on the bus and met up with my race buddy Carol,(who I know from Lavaman last year). We went over to our start and waited in the cold. Honestly at that point we were just happy it wasn’t raining like the day before. At 9:45 I started getting ready to see that tutu coming down the hill. I saw Amelia running down and then I got in the right spot to grab it. Once I had the timing chip I took off running. I only made it about 10 minutes before I started to get really hot. I took a little walk break to strip off my long sleeve, which was under my short sleeved shirt so I chilling in a sports bra for a quick minute, but was back to running pretty quick. Now I was a little worried about this race before actually running. I have not ran in the past 2 weeks, and even before that I was only running 1-2 times a week and my max was 4 miles. This run was 7.5. I was surprised that I was feeling so good, I made it a little while doing 9:1 intervals (9 minute running, 1 minute walking) then felt good enough to do a mile then walk a minute. As I was booking it down international I met a sweet runner named Priscilla, she was a cute little thing that was running like a beast. We started chatting and decided that we would run the last 4 miles together. As I was running down International Blvd. (one of the ghetto-est roads in Oakland) I couldn’t help but smile. It felt so good to be running a race, seeing people cheering and cheering others on. I was completely glowing from all the energy. I checked my garmin and saw that I was at the 7 mile mark and started looking for where the pass off would be. Then, as I came around the corner I saw Nicole rocking the tutu and I screamed at her “ you better be ready to run!” I handed her the timing chip and reveled in my joy of running 7.5 miles. I found Carol and we headed to West Oakland bart to get back to the start point of the race. At the start I met up with Katie and Amelia,  and I drank my free coors light that the race gave me. I was all smiles and a growling belly at this point. I inhaled half of a luna bar and we found our spot at the finish line to cheer on Nicole. A little while later she came in all her glory, I unfortunately had ran to the bathroom at this point so I missed her crossing the finish. We congratulated each other and grabbed our medals, then we had to split out ways. Nicole and I went and grabbed brunch to fuel after the race. Mimosa’s count as fuel right? Hehe. I went home and passed out, it was a really early morning! Now that the race is over I am thinking about my next race, I am also thinking about doing a full marathon! I would love to do the Oakland half marathon next year! But maybe I will just do the relay again, or who knows maybe even the full.

March 22, 2012

The Headache from hell!

Yes I have a migraine. And, yes I decided to write about it. Maybe just writing a little about it will send it back to hell where it belongs. I am fairly certain that hell is where it has come from. I am blaming it entirely on stress, bottom line. I think I need more yoga or meditation in my life. Today I sat down and took a few deep breaths and told my brain to calm down. The headache on the other hand decided to rage on. I have an acupuncture appointment for tomorrow morning and I know that is one of the few things that makes me feel better when my head gets angry. Thank you to everyone who has given me tips on what might help. I will now revert back to my spacey day of trying to avoid the sun like a vampire. Yumm, maybe I should go watch The Vampire Diaries again and dream of Stephan. I really need this headache to go away as I have the Hunger Games movie to go see tomorrow night and A marathon relay to conquer on Sunday. More about that on the next episode. Love you lots, kill the Migraine!

March 16, 2012

A long overdue update

Hey there, Not sure that anyone is actually  reading my blog anymore since I have not updated it in so long but things have just been beyond crazy. With wedding planning and my demanding love for exercise it seems that the blog falls on the wayside. In any case, I figured I can give you all a brief summary of what has been going down in the wonderful world of Aly. Lets begin shall we?


Wedding stuff

Well things are moving along quite nicely. Me being the crazy planner that I am I have a ton of the planning stuff done. We have a caterer, my florist is growing my flowers from seed! (Yes I said from seed) My dress is bought and paid for in full. I have an amazing officiant, and the bridesmaids dresses are purchased! I am hopefully going to lock down a DJ this week. And lets not forget that our honeymoon in Bali is already planned and booked! That is my most favorite part of planning by far.

Weight Loss

Well I was floating back and forth with the holidays. But recently I started doing Boot camp and really focusing on my tracking with Weight Watchers. I really like the way that I look and I am trying to focus more on that and my fitness than the number on the scale. It is still hard to see the scale go up but it has been going down the past two weeks! This is a great thing.


This is an important aspect to this blog as I have in the past gone into my emotions on here. This week has been tough I will be honest. Saturday marked the 6 month mark of my brother’s death and it has been pouring rain all week. Both of these things can make me extra grumpy and emotional I have been doing a good job of keeping it mainly under control, but some days are better than others.


Right now I am just super excited to get ready for some st Patrick’s day festivities!


I will be  cooking both this


and This

This was found on this amazing website

Yum get excited!


What are you doing for St Patrick’s Day??

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