Camera phone saves the day!

Well instead of wallowing in the fact that I don’t have a new camera and I don’t have access to being able to easily upload photos from a camera I had an Epiphany, insert the camera phone!

In case you are wondering I am still rocking this historic piece of historyThe first google phone I believe(ask my fiance he is the technology guy in the family…Somehow he sucked all the technological savvyness when we got together hmm)

So I have been looking at lots of blogs and noticing that I really only like looking at ones that have pictures. In an effort to keep all of your attention, I have decided to just use my phone camera..I mean it can’t be that bad right? Don’t answer that I am planning on getting a new phone during Christmas and I am looking into one that has a badass camera on it so hold on to your seats folks this is going to get even better come January! (ok maybe not that much but it’s worth a try)

It is super sunny in SF today, I secretly want it to get cold so I can wear buy all the fall clothes!

But even though it is crazy nice outside I still need my tea to keep me warm.

My little umbrella friend, lets call him red, is sad that he has not been used lately.

Maybe I will go use my little kiss friend today

Haha, that is definitely not going to happen. The last time I got on a skateboard I fell off immediately. I would like to try it again but trying to get another hobby is just not in the cards right now. I am getting excited to eat my Thai leftover chicken curry that I made last night. I would post a recipe but it was really just a mishmash of stuff we had around the house and random ingredients I picked up when I was in a hungry zombie state last night.

Tonight I am finally going to use 1 of my my yoga groupons! It is a hot yoga and it should be intense! It doesn’t start until 8:15 so it is going to be a late night and I need to make sure that I eat something light right when I get home. I am thinking veggie wrap….The Steak stirfry just might have to wait until tomorrow, bummer I am jonesing for red meat!!



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