Octobre, just go with it.

I am not sure if that is how you actually spell it but for some reason I keep saying Octobre instead of October so I am just going to go with it. I already feel like this month has started off great. Aside from the mini splurges I did this weekend (lunch out with the fam followed with wine tasting and several pieces of cheese throughout the day/night and a few more beers) I think I did pretty darn good. It was the first weekend of Octobre so that right there says it. Actually I am not sure if it says anything but again just go with it.

Lets look at my goals for September shall we?

  • Read 1 new book- Booya Bitches! I read 3 new books because I finished the Hunger Games trilogy!
  • workout 3-5 days a week (Start half marathon training and cross train!)- I was really consistent with this, There was one week where I know I only worked out 2 days but considering the circumstances I consider that a win.
  • try 1 new recipe a week- Not so great on this one, I might have or might not have. Jason does most of the cooking honestly, an I help on occasion. Maybe I should start getting Jason to post on here 1 time a week about a meal he cooked hmm.
  • lose 5 pounds- Definetly not, but hey at least I weigh less than I did on the first. I lost 1.2 pounds this month. I am going to shoot for double that as to not be too crazy about losing as it seems to be going much slower than I was hoping for.
  • Blog more!- I consider this a win. I am working harder and harder at this and hope to have to pictures up regularly.
  • meal plan- I meal planned a few times during September but not every week. I want to be better at this, it can be challenging because I know that Jason doesn’t care too much for it and since he cooks more it can be tough.
  • work on me vs me- This is an ongoing battle but I think it is going better. There was a lot of stuff going on in September but I think I handled it well and didn’t beat myself up too much.
  • continue wedding planning- Check and Check! We are getting our save the dates this week and sending them out. We have also finalized out  guest list for now. Next step is to meet with caterers.

October Goals!

  • lose 3-4 pounds
  • strength train 2 days a week with my running training
  • relax and enjoy life even if it means not losing weight that week
  • cook 1 dinner a week
  • Don’t worry about what happened yesterday, focus on today

Well there we have it folks. I have some good goals I think and I really thing I can attain all of them and come out with flying colors come November! Since I had my last Weigh in from Weight Watchers be the previous week right before the 1st, I am going to do that for this month as well. I am also going to buy a scale so I can check my weight in the morning and get more accurate results as opposed to the evening which is when my official Weight Watchers WI is. Here are some cute pictures from my fall festive Sunday where I decorated and cooked up some fall happiness!

Our Halloween Bride and Groom 😉

Doesn’t this squash look like a mushroom from Mario? We kept calling it the 1up squash. Yes we are beyond nerdy at our house 🙂 Happy Octobre peeps! I will be back soon.


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