Back on the Wagon

Weight loss is such a funny thing, it doesn’t help that I am the type of person who thinks of everything as being in black or white. I am either being good or I am being bad. I am either doing everything in my power to try and lose weight or I am failing miserably and I want to die. (excuse the exaggeration)


This is something I have struggled with for a long time and even when I was at a lower weight than I am now I still wasn’t happy. I am not learning what it really means to me to feel good and comfortable about my body and really working on me from the inside out. Stopping myself when I start thinking negative is what I have been doing the most lately.

The Weekly Weigh in…Dun Dun DUn!

Last night was my weekly weigh in at Weight Watchers. I didn’t know what to expect and I try so hard not to put my emotions to a number on the scale but I do. The good thing is that when I weigh myself at weight watchers I have a supportive group of people to talk to after a bad or good day on the scale. Last night was a good night so I was willing to speak up some days that is not the case. But maybe those days are the days  I really should speak up…hmm I will have to look into it when that happens again.

September Weight loss-

Week 1- -2.6 (lost the weight I gained in August)

For now I am feeling super sore from body pump and I am ready for more. But tonight I will be cheering on the Giants at ATT park! Beat LA!!


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