September so far…Pumpkin anyone?

First off thank you to everyone who read my last post and commented, It makes me feel better to hear a response to things I bring up on here. To everyone else, I love you and thank you for reading in general 🙂

I figured since we are coming to an end of the first official week of September I would do a little recap of my goals and see how I am doing this week, I weigh in tonight and I will be back to update on the weight loss or gain? tomorrow. Here is a list of what my weekly/month goals are for September.

Read 1 new book– I started the Hunger Games and I am already more than half way through I am thinking I can finish the series this month.
workout 3-5 days a week (Start half marathon training and cross train!)– Last week I worked out like a beast! I did TWTF then Sunday. This week I did last night and I going tonight then for sure on Sunday possibly Saturday so 3 days no problem! Half marathon training starts on Monday and I have a buddy! Yay!! Tonight is body pump lets hope I love it and it will be my new cross trainnig plan.
try 1 new recipe a week-Last week we made a seafood risotto and last night we tried Vegan Mac and Cheese(we only had Vanilla Almond milk, it wasn’t bad but it was definitely Nilla Mac instead of regular.
lose 5 pounds– I will find out tonight how I am doing so far, it was a cleanse week so I have to take whatever comes with a grain of salt but I am back on track no matter what! Weight Watchers here I come Mother F-ER!

Blog more!– ummm I am pretty much doing it daily during the week, this is a yes for this week!
meal plan– Last week this didn’t happen so much since I started the cleanse, this week I am putting my shopping game face on, watch out Berkeley bowl!
work on me vs me– I have a book on this and plan to get started on it this weekend.
continue wedding planning– We are getting the save the dates in order and We are going to set up meetings with caterers….I need to sit down with Jay soon to finish the guest list.

All in all I am feeling really good about this week, It helps to see everything laid out in front of me and see where I am trying to go from here. Continue doing what I am doing and kick it up a notch.

On a side note I am sooo excited for Pumkin season, I seriously want to stuff my face with pumpkin pie and drink my body weight in pumpkin beer.



One Comment to “September so far…Pumpkin anyone?”

  1. WOW!!! You actually re-evaluate your goals every week! That is waaaay impressive!

    Gotta stick that into my life! 😛

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