Your doing What?

I knew that doing a cleanse and talking about it publicly on Facebook and on this blog was going to get some sort of reaction from people. Many have applauded, while some have downright said why would you ever want to do that. Yes if you would have talked to me a few years ago I would have said the cleanse sounds crazy as well. I would have never done something like that in a million years, but I also would never have done anything like compete in a triathlon, or train for half marathons, let alone run for just plain old fun.

I am a different person now and my health means more to me than anything. Sure, looking good in a tight pair of jeans is up there on my list of why I am doing this, but I am also just wanting to feel good and healthy for as long as I can. It makes me so sad to see so many people around me have illnesses. My heart goes out to anyone I meet who is either battling cancer or even just trying to get their diabetes under control. Maybe I am not able to save myself from certain types of ailments that can stop you dead in your tracks and make your whole world turn upside down, but at least I feel like I am trying my best to fight right now. This really has an emotional toll on me as I am currently losing a loved one before my vary own eyes, and maybe nothing would be different if everyone just took care of themselves a little better…But what if it was?

I appreciate all of your comments and concerns and don’t worry I am still eating enough food and I am not working myself out to death while I am doing this. I honestly feel great and would do this again in the future.

Have you ever done a cleanse? Did people think you were crazy?


3 Comments to “Your doing What?”

  1. I had actually thought seriously about doing a cleanse, Aly. That was about three months ago. But I wanted to thoroughly investigate it first, before I jumped into it. I ran across this article on WebMD: I decided to increase the amount of fiber in my diet rather than doing a cleanse.

  2. I think people have reactions to words like “cleanse”. I know when I read that I was surprised, but when I actually read about your cleanse it seems pretty reasonable. I think I wouldn’t advise subsisting on only water and maple syrup or whatever, but fruits, veggies, lean protein and flax? That doesn’t sound too bad at all. Let us know how it goes!

  3. Thanks for the support and comments. Always good to hear a response to my thoughts 🙂

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