The Cleanse

I have been talking about doing a cleanse with my acupuncturist for a little while now. After my birthday of indulgences I decided to jump right in and go for it. She gave me a little list of stuff I can have and what to avoid.

  • “Week of whole foods and no inflammatory foods.
  • Avoid- Glugen, Eggs, Soy, Dairy, Corn
  • Eat- Tons of vegetables and drink lots of water, minimal chicken breast and fruit” Taken from Megan’s notes

I was also told to have 3 tablespoons of Ground flax in 1/2 cup water in the evening. So far I have only done that last night, lets just say it is not that tasty.

I started this cleanse on Saturday, I actually started saturday having eggs with vegetables but I was assured that we can just forget about that day 😉

Here is what I did this weekend and how hard this cleanse has been for me

Saturday- I basically did nothing, I focused on drinking water and went to the Sauna to sweat out some of the devil. I then freaked out on Jason during the evening for interrupting my Mad Men Marathon and for not paying attention to me- Cleanse 1- Aly-0

Sunday- We went shopping and whole foods for lunch, I made sure to load my salad with all the tasty things I am able to eat on the cleanse. Then we went to a friends house for dinner, luckily there was a vegan there so the emphasis was on vegetables already (Score!). Cleanse- 1  Aly- 1

Monday- Jason and I had a family BBQ and I brought my own Quinoa and Veggie mix from the night before as well as had some cucumber and fresh veggies from the garden! I focused on water and salad and ended the day feeling satisfied.(This was after I had a Banana and Almond milk smoothie 🙂

I am now on day 4 and I am having slight headaches occasionally but nothing that bad. I feel a little spacey but really not that bad. I have still been able to do yoga and run this week and I plan to continue to do that but get more grains in to handle that. I will be back with a full cleanse recap after the week long cleanse is over. During the cleanse I am not tracking my points on Weight Watchers, I am just focusing on eating small amounts of things a little  bit at a time.  Cheer for me because this is tough but well worth it!


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