Ready as I will ever be

Lets just say that most of my weight loss goals for August completely landed in the water. I am learning to be OK with this, I am ready to tackle September like it is my my only dying wish (or I need to get fit for a wedding dress and want to look and feel smokin’ hot) Since today is the last day of the month I have decided to start a new goal list for September and truly kick it’s ass!

I will wait until tomorrow to fully unveil the list but I figured I could give you a little heads up of what I have been doing since I took a week off life and pretty much partied like I was 21 again…I turned 26 on Wednesday but who is counting?

What have I been doing so far?

  • I started squeezing a half a lemon in luke warm water and drinking a full glass of this every morning(My liver is thanking me)
  • Since Monday I have been hydrating with lots of water and coconut water to the point of my belly exploding…not really but close!
  • I am thinking more about what I am eating and trying my best to track everything that goes in my mouth
  • I started putting my workouts in my calendar so I can have it all planned out and I have less of an excuse to blow them off.

So far so good! I made it to Turbo Kick boxing last night right after work and felt like I was going to die great! I was even lucky enough to come home to my loving Fiance who was cooking a healthy chicken vegetable dish. I planned out my breakfast and lunch for today and I am feeling better than ever!

I stepped out of my food box!

I decided to make a breakfast egg white burrito, it was amazing and such a nice change from oatmeal or toast. It had veggies which is a huge Plus!

I even brought a bag of carrots and had carrots and hummus as a snack.

I am feeling great about getting back on track and I need to really remember these feelings and try to not forget them when I start going All or Nothing Aly.

Keep updated for my goals for September!

What have you been doing to be healthy?


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