The fight to become a better me!

Maybe fight is a strong word, I mean I am not going to go all MMA on my own ass to make me a better person, or maybe it is just to show the struggle it can be to make the healthy decision. This week I know all too well what it is like to battle against myself for one reason or another. I am not sure why this seems to happen and come in waves but I think the way to fight it is to just work day by day on being a better me. This is not to say that I am not already good, I mean who am I kidding I am great! It is kind of like me wanting to just be OK with me and be happy about my choices day by day. I plan to do a full set of goals for September and really work on things to calm my crazy brain that likes to think I am crazy….(who is crazy here me or my brain? or does that mean both..anyways) But, for now I am going to just think about certain things I have been reading about and what I am going to start implementing today to make this day get better and make me feel better.

1. Thinking positive has been a topic on The Chic Life for a while now. I keep looking at it and I know that if I can turn this negative thought into a positive one I can be a better me starting now! Alright negativity get ready to get your ass kicked!

2. Making small choices to a cleaner body- This has been all over the blog world but I think I am going to be a new Flexitarian and just work more vegetarian meals into my life. This feels easy enough and I know it would be good for me in more ways than one.

3.  Work on letting go, I let things get to me so easily. I am not sure how to attack this one but I plan to do some reading on it soon.

There you have it, I am slowly but surely going to get back into the groove of a healthy mind and body. There is so much more to health than working out and eating right. And, it is my birthday tomorrow so these little steps will put me in control of a few things and still let me enjoy my fum celebrations. I think I am winning this fight!

What are you working on to be a better you?


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