Dance with me!

I went to Body Jam last night and it was great. The weird thing is that I didn’t absolutely love it when I first started but after I came home and collapsed on the bed in a sweaty heap I was so glad I did it. I wanted to do a weight lifting video when I got home, and I probably would have done it if the matter of time wasn’t there, but then I came to my senses and remembered working out isn’t just riding a bike, or running on pavement, it can be fun movement that looks amazing as well.

My dancing career is short but sweet, I first started dance when I went to college at College of the Redwoods in Humboldt County. It was there that I learned my love for dance. I of course had blasted BSB and danced around my bedroom singing into a bruch before attending the college Jazz class, but it was not the same, not at all. I loved Jazz even though it was hard, I guess I felt comfortable dancing in a class since I just considered it part of my school elective. I even performed in a dance one of my teachers choreographed for a separate organization outside of the school, it made me feel like a true dancer that she even considered me, let alone envisioned me on stage dancing with the other girls. I took that love to other colleges and continued only dancing in college classes as a hobby. Then I tried some dance classes at the gym and none of them seemed to stick, but last night it felt like I was in a class again. The moves were quick and the choreography was not taught to you very slowly so it was a little challenging to get the steps. The last dance of the class I totally bombed on one move and found it really hard to complete the complete dance but I kept trying.

It reminded me that things are not easy and sometimes you have to keep trying at something that you love. I plan to keep going to this dance class to remind me of why I loved dance in the first place and think of exercise as something fun more often.

So why don’t you come dance with me?


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