Random Weekend Fun

This past week has been a bit of a whirlwind, I wish I had pictures for you all but I have been dropping the ball on taking photos. I am going to work on that….seriously! Here is one just so you can be happy and smile for the day.

I know that it is a picture from a while ago but I really like this picture, maybe its lighting maybe its seeing 6 glasses of wine in front of me, either way it’s a keeper.

So here is a little recap of what I did this past week/weekend.

Worked out! – I made it the the gym 3 times and attempted to ran outside one day. Hooray for me! This is a big deal since I had my crash. I was not sure how my body would react to getting back into working out, so far so good! I ran on Saturday for about 45 minutes. It was a run/walk and my body was hurting after about 25 minutes. I am not sure if that was because of the new lifting routine this week or just not running for a while. I decided to take it easy and walk a fair amount the rest of the run. I made it past my first week of NROLFW and Day 4 starts tomorrow. I will come back tomorrow with a recap of what my weights were for last week and what I am shooting for this coming work.

Date night- Jason and I wanted to do a date night together since we have been so busy and I have been a crazy biotch lately. (I swear this man did not know what he was doing proposing to me 😉 We went to our favorite bar spot, Barceluna, for an early cocktail.( I mean at least it was after 5pm so it wasn’t too bad hehe) We happened to get there during happy hour. SaWEEEETT! We both ordered a few cocktails and it was buy one get one free for apps so we got the Lamb Taco’s and the Mussels. They were both amazing, I really should have taken pictures and for that I apologize! After we wolfed down the apps we decided to stay there for dinner instead of go somewhere else. Jason ordered the steak and I ordered the fish.

Here is the fish!

Everything was delish! I didn’t realize I could eat the skin or the eyes and apparently I should have partaken in both! Everyone on Facebook asked if I ate the eyes, next time….Maybe. After eating the massive fish I ate some of Jason’s tasty land animal meat and enjoyed some of this fries as well.

After 3 cocktails I was ready for more! thought it would be a good idea to get some coffee before the movie. We found out that the local theater lets you take in coffee! I wish I would have known that before gulping down my mocha….no I actually finished it well before we got there but now we know!

We went to see Cowboys and Aliens. But don’t be swayed by Harrison Ford and that other guy, the movie kind of blew. It wasn’t completely awful but it wasn’t great earlier. Spoiler alert! It is about Cowboy’s Vs Aliens, nuff said.

When Sunday rolled around I got up early-ish and made some pre-weight lifting fuel. Then we jetted to the store so Jason could make an awesome brunch for himself and we could stock up the fridge. After throwing him and the groceries out of the car I jammed to the gym for a nice lifting session. I came home and did a little shopping then we made some bbq and I drank beers in my bikini. (Note to self sun and beer can be dangerous) After a nap we watched not 1 but both of our netfilx movies- Rango and Suckerpunch. I liked Rango more than Suckerpunch, Suckerpunch really just felt like a comic book nerds dream come true. But it was decent.

Now that I am sure you all are wishing you were me I will leave you to go read many other blogs. Tonight is Sushi with the girls and I promise to be back with more pictures of this fun night!


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