Weight Watchers,Weight lifting and wedding venue, Oh My!

Well first I want to say thanks to everyone who reads my blog and had some sweet things to say about my recent accident/sad face party. I am doing better now and I am pretty much 97% better from the accident. I have a few bruises here and there, that only the future hubby can see…if ya know what I mean ;), but I can almost open my mouth wide enough to fit an entire banana in it again which has really been necessary! haha J/K I am eating normally with only sight discomfort and the only soreness I have right now is from my new weight lifting routine I did yesterday. Lets get to that shall we?

I started Week 1 workout 1A from New Rules of Lifting for Woman last night! I am excited to say that I am feeling fairly confident that I will enjoy these workouts and get the hang of it pretty quickly. It helps that I have some experience in the weight room from working with trainers in the past. Here is a list of my stats so I have something to refer too as well!

7 minute warm up on Tredmil

Stage 1A

Squats- 2 sets/15reps with 20LBS added to Bar(I need to find out how much the bar is I think it was at least 10 pounds)

Push-up-2 sets/15reps on knees(hoping I can be on my toes pretty soon!)

Seated Row- 2/15 on floor 1 set 40lbs 2 @50lbs- I need to look this over to make sure that I am doing it right, I was sitting on the floor!)

Step Up 2/15 with 24LBS(12lb barbell in each hand) 4 risers on each side of platform.( I might need to make this a little higher since it didn’t seem too hard)

Prone Jacknife- 2/15 I used a small red ball instead of the large one I wanted to use because it was all that was left. 😦

15 minute interval workout on treadmill

Minute 1-2:20-3.5 Speed

Minute 2:30-3:30- 6.9 Speed

Alternate between 2 minutes slow and 1 minute fast.

Doing this interval workout was really intense. I am not sure if it is because it was my first time back in the gym or if my legs were just tired from the lifting but either way it was great! I love doing short interval workouts!(right now that is) I am glad that I gave this a try tonight, I think since this is so different than what I have been doing with Triathlon training I will really start to see a difference in my body composition. I am hoping sooner than later!

Another thing that I am currently happy about is that I am getting close to the end of my first week on Weight Watchers. I have done weight watchers before and succeeded and now I am back to really have my final go at it and get to goal for my wedding and stay there for life. I had a bit of a splurge day on Saturday, I honestly can’t even tell you how many points I had 😦 Bad I know for my first week back on the program but instead of letting myself have a hangover Sunday and laze around on the couch all day we went and did laundry for a few hours then went to whole foods to spend Jason’s whole paycheck get groceries! Since then I have been really good about staying in my points and making smarter choices. I am really hoping to see the scale go down this week but even if it doesn’t I am going to press on and make next week better than this week no matter what.

What is going on tonight?

Well I am going to our wedding venue to discuss decor and taste some catering. My lovely Man of Honor is meeting Jason and I there and then it is sushi for dinner! I am saving up my points so I can have a nice dinner with my two favorite men.

Up next on the Agenda is a haircut tomorrow after work, I am hoping to wake up early for a run tomorrow, wish me luck!



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