The Beginning of the rest of my life, 3rd times a charm.

I have restarted weight watchers 3 times in my life now, there might be another time that I can’t remember, but at least 3 times, for sure. Tonight I am starting it again and hopefully for the last time. I know there are so many options out there for losing weight and I have tried most of them. Why am I choosing Weight Watchers? because it has a sense of community and it has worked for me in the past. I also have a great support system with my mom wanting to join with me as well.

I have always done weight watchers with my mom. Once when I was 15, again a little over a year ago and then tonight we will walk through those giant WW doors again.  It is a way for us to be close without having to be in the same town. We are helping each other be healthy and also spending time together. Even though we are in two completely different parts of our lives, me coming off a full year of triathlon training and team gatherings(i.e. lots of tasty food and beer!), we still need to go for the same reason, we have weight that we want to lose and we need the help. I am proud to go to weight watchers and make this lifestyle change for good. I am sick of feeling like I don’t fit into clothes the way that I should. I want to feel confident and happy with myself in pictures and the mirror. I am ready to start the rest of my life today.


2 Comments to “The Beginning of the rest of my life, 3rd times a charm.”

  1. I started WW fort the first time on Monday – its going well so far – lots a few pounds already. Then again, there was a lot there to start with…
    Good luck on your journey – it sounds like you have a great attitude, which I think is half the battle.

  2. I have started Weight Watchers three times as well, and have currently been going for years! No matter what else I’m trying, with my workouts and nutrition, counting my weight watchers points throughout makes me feel so much more in control. Good luck!

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