What I am thinking about right now…..



Some steak sounds amazing right now….and I have to make it up to Jason that I have turned into a physcho hose-beast lately.

Who would have that that Half-Iron man training would turn me evil?(I tried to take an evil picture but I was worried that my coworkers would think I am crazy, and my stupid Android would not work with me on this issue! )

I am dreaming of doing Yoga again. When I first started getting into being healthier Yoga was my only form of exercise. I never thought of it as exercise, it was mainly something I did for  back pain, now I am learning that it would also help my state of mind.

Running and yoga will be my new focus now, I do plan to have things be a little lot more relaxed after I finish my Half Ironman. I might even take a week off completely besides walking and stretching, which is why I want to try to get to a yoga class after my race to help start a clear mind.

Peanut butter and jelly is delicious but is not a good substitute for lunch if you don’t have lots of sides to go with it. Lunch Fail!

I just ate so many Edemame beans I might throw up…see previous to understand why I started eating Edemame beans in the first place.

For some reason I don’t feel that stressed about my race. I am fully ready for it to come and be end honestly. I am not freaking out about what I have to bring or worried about anything really. But, It is only Tuesday come talk to me on Thursday!

Tonight I have acupuncture which I am so thankful for. She has really helped me with so much and is going to continue to help me as I make the transition from Triathlete to Bride.Let’s just say that I am welcoming the change and ready to embrace a different time in my life.

Just another Tuesday in the life of Aly.



2 Comments to “What I am thinking about right now…..”

  1. I am doing the same freak out over Canada!

  2. Nic- you are so amazing for doing Canada! Are you going to continue to the next Iron man??

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