Excited vs Anxious-Barb’s Race editon

This is the week before my race! Even though I am somewhat dreading this monumental event there are some things that I am really excited about.

1. Crossing the finish line and proving that I can do anything I set my mind to.

2. Feeling stronger than I ever have before.

3. Eating whatever I want to after the race because I just completed a ridiculous amount of exercise!

In addition to the excitement I am also anxious about certain aspects.


1. Realizing that I am done doing triathlons for a while and being really sad about it.

2. Wanting to throw up and die on the run!(lets hope this doesn’t happen)

3. injuring myself during one of the sports and having to pull out of the race.

I don’t think that any of these things will really happen but it is something that is in the back of my mind. Another thing I am thinking about is how I need to lose this weight so I can still fit into some of my clothes. I know I am not supposed to stress about it. I am trying not to, no really I am. Telling me to not stress about something is like telling a kid not to pee in the pool. They say that they wont but they end up doing it anyways, even if they are not conscious of it. I am doing my best, I have definitely not been depriving myself(Pizza and beer I am talking to you!), but I really have not been that bad with my food choices either. I know some of this weight is muscle but not all of it. I am ready to get back to my pre-race weight, Ironic I know. I am going to fight hard for this and also try to relax along the way. This is something that I am both excited and anxious about as well… What if I can’t lose the weight as easily as I think… Excited to get back to focusing on losing and not racing.

All in all I just want to get through this week and not be a giant stress ball! I know it can be done and I am ready for it.

What do you do about anxiety and stress? Do you have any tips for me this next week?


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