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July 21, 2011

Thirsty thursdays!

Today my Thirsty Thursday is going to be consisting of water. I really need to up my water intake and get my hydration at it’s peak for my race which is in 9 days! Holy F I can’t believe I am doing a Half Iron man. But since I wanted to turn Thursday into a day to talk about booze here it is!

A few weeks ago we went to the Rock Wall Winery that is right on our little island here in Alameda. This winery, it was really cute and right down the street from my gym.(Potentially bad but still awesome) How cute does that look? We went there during the day but I loved this picture that I found here(just so I don’t step on anyone’s toes)

We came here after signing up for the new gym! We tasted some amazing wine and left the place with 3 bottles. One of them has been featured on this blog here.  This winery makes a few wines of their own but they also sell wines from other wineries in the area. We are definitely coming back here soon!

I have wine on the brain now, this is not good for staying dry for a week before my race.

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