Beating the guilt

Today is cake day at my work. It is the one day a month that we have a huge cake for the whole office and at 4PM the cake is cut and we sing the birthday song. Lets start by saying that I love cake. Forget it I just love sweets in general. Today I decided I was going to have cake. I was actually looking forward to it. Then when I had my piece in front of me(a smallish piece) I started to feel the guilt. I am not sure where this even came from. I had decided in advance I would have the cake, I had a sensible lunch and I plan to have a fairly healthy dinner after my hour long bike ride I am going on tonight, so why the guilt? I wish I knew. I am trying my hardest to just move on. I logged the calories, because when these feelings and things happen that is the best thing to do so I can eat it and move on. But now I am sitting at my desk wishing I would have had a smaller piece, or maybe not even had a piece at all. I know depriving myself is not the answer, but right now I just need to figure out how to beat the guilt. I am going to go home and get all my biking gear on and hit my hour long bike ride with the tires spinning(does that work?) I am still a healthy fit person even if I eat the birthday cake. I am just working on beating the guilt.


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