Friday Five!

Five things I am dreaming about right now
1. Doing Yoga, I really miss you sun salutations.
2. What my wedding dress will look like, Will it be mermaid or princess Hmmm…
3. Being able to sleep in, and not feel guity (this is the key people!)
4. Losing the spare tire, and maybe a little arm jiggle.
5. Going to Vegas in December, MMMmmm Vegas.

Five foods I love
1. Salads
2. Grilled Chicken Breast
3. Young Coconut Ice Cream (Try it!, I think some people call is Macapone)
4. Greek Yogurt
5. Brussel sprouts!

Five reasons to read my blog
1. I am awesome
2. I try to give an decent insight
3. I am just downright funny
4. Sometimes sadness makes you happy.
5. Why not, You at least read this list right?


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