Living the dream

For as sad as I can get sometimes I have to sit back and remember in some aspects of my life I am truly living the dream. Instead of looking at the negative aspects in life, focusing on the positive is really what should happen. I can’t say enough how lucky I feel to have found the man of my dreams and to be getting married to him. Things can be rough sometimes, but I would not have anyone else by my side. I am a healthy 25 year old who can do things like swim, bike and run. There are so many people out there who don’t have that opportunity. I have a great support system around me when I start getting down. I am making an effort to be more social now that we have reverted to being homebodies so I can really feel like I am living the dream.

On a side note I ate an amazing steak salad for lunch today with a crab cake on the side. I felt that this was a fairly healthy meal considering I had to pick something from a restaurant. To balance this out I had a yummy bowl of oats with almond butter and banana for breakfast and I am debating about having just a protein shake for dinner, or some sort of salad. I will have to hash out what I am feeling when the time comes. I am working on not feeling guilty when things like this come up. There are going to be dinners and lunches out. There are going to be lavish meals here and there. Feeling bad about it is not worth it it is only making the negative self talk stronger than I am, and I am stronger than this negativeness. Soon enough I will get back into taking pictures of what I am eating. To help keep myself in check. I am debating about doing it every day or just once a week.

PS I just ate the most amazing chocolate chip cookie This should be illegal. Thank god I have spin tonight!


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