Why I started Triathlon training and why I am taking a break.

When I was first introduced to triathlons I honestly was scared. I think the first person who mentioned it was my friend Katie, at least 3 years ago, when I was not in any shape at all. I remember how excited she was and she said I could totally do it and I should try it with her. I quickly dismissed it and sipped a cocktail(pretty sure this is how it really went down….GULP)

Then a few years later I started getting on a heath and fitness kick. In January of 2009 I graduated from college and really wanted to lose weight and feel better in general. I started working out with a personal trainer and counting calories. After a good 8-10 months I had lost close to 35 pounds. I was really close to what my goal weight 155, only about 8 pounds away.

A good girlfriend, Emily,  had not stopped talking about mentioned Triathlon training with Team in Training. I didn’t really know anything about Triathlon training or Team in Training in general. I believe I sipped a beer(gulp) and dismissed this conversation saying sure I would go to an information meeting with her. A few weeks passed and she kept mentioning the information meetings she would be working and that I should come. I went to an information meeting and, hook line and sinker, I was in! I loved the idea of training with a team! I will be honest the fundraising thing scared me and I really didn’t have much connection to Leukemia or Lymphoma or many other blood cancers but it sounded like a good idea.

I started training and it was an entirely new world for me. I had all this support from coaches and the team, I made new great friends, and I truly felt great all the time. I was excited to do the workouts, everything was new and exciting! I completed my first Triathlon at Pacific Grove September of 2010. Then when I was done I wanted something more, I wasn’t ready to stop training for the team, I wanted to keep going.

I signed up to be on staff for Team in Training Winter team to go to Hawaii for a triathlon April of 2011. The season was long and cold. I still loved it, mostly. I had a great team and amazing staff and I have to say it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Somewhere between training and getting close to the end I signed up for a Half Ironman. I still felt that I wasn’t ready to give to up and I wanted to push my body more.  When I went to Hawaii to do the race, my boyfriend at the time had another agenda, he proposed on our Vacation. It was amazing, we had been together for over 5 years and it felt so right.

Since I have been back I have started my half Ironman training. I am working with private coaches, who are truly amazing and have helped me improve drastically. The one downside is  I don’t have that social interaction that I had with the team. I have a few amazing ladies that are training for this race with me but it is just not the same. I am also getting really burned out. This is my 3rd Triathlon this year. I have gone from one to the next back to back. For some people this works and it is great, but for me I think it was a little too much. I am glad that I did this, I am so proud of myself to have completed this many races and to push through to this half Ironman that is happening in 17 days (EEppp!) But after this race I need a real break.

I am not sure how long of a break I will be taking from Triathlon training. I know that I have a half Marathon in December but that is all I have planned so far. I am slightly nervous about this new found freedom, this has become such an important part of my life. But, I know in my heart I will be fine and strong like I have learned I truly am.

Another reason I am taking a break, so I can lose the weight muscle? that I gained back from triathlon training. I am not trying to be vain, but I have gained a little since I started training this hard and I would like to get bride ready for next September. O ya, there is that little side note that I need time for wedding planning as well, and triathlon training takes up a ridiculous amount of little time.

I know all of your support me in whatever I do, I am not sure who I am even talking to but that is the story and I know you will be around to see how I grow and figure this all out in time.


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