Something old, something new….

Old- I am so over the pity party that was going on in my head for a while, now I feel like a new woman who has better things to worry about than weight and feeling bad.

(Enter stage left in the return of the fashion/wedding obsessed Aly)

New- I am more and more obsessed with wedding blogs on just a fun note. I have been looking at them daily and getting more and more ideas.

The constant comment I hear on a fairly daily basis(if not multiple times a day) is how is the wedding planning. Well here is your answer.

Super, Amazing, Fantastic (insert adjective here) AKA we haven’t really been doing too much planning as of late.(oops)

No but really, we really haven’t planned that much more, we have the venue booked, and that’s about it. I do plan to go down to meet more caterers as soon as I get a free Tuesday, Which currently is going to be August 9th!

I am not looking at dresses at least until September at the earliest. But I have been gawking at a million a few online, who would have thought I would like lace? The only problem is that lace isn’t found on too many ball gowns. Not that I have anything specific in mind 😉

Every time I bring something up to the future hubs he brushes if off that we have so much time. Yes, Yes we do but pretty soon it will be only a year! Then it will be less than a year. Moving on. Thank god the man can cook! I just love him so much.

But don’t you fret you little bloggies that want to know so much about my wedding plans, there will be more to come as things start to hash out. For now I am thinking Vintage/Garden/Pink and green/ princess….Just a few ideas of mine. Oooo and I promise one little blog reader that I will not make getting skinny be part of my todo list, I swear this girls loves my curves more than my man. (I think you know who you are 😉



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