Please get me out of Funky Town!

Lame play on words here but I am in a total funk. I am not sure what is going on with me. Maybe it’s the lack of motivation, or it could be that I am just so tired all the time. Super lame sauce. In an effort to get myself out of funky-town I am going to write down 10 things I am truly happy about and just go with it.

1. I am getting married next year to the most amazing man ever.
2. I have competed and completed not 1 but 2 triathlons.
3. I am crazy enough to train for a 3rd triathlon but I have learned I should have given myself a break.
4. I am getting my haircut and colored in August. Its the small things people!
5. I have fully committed to getting back into a healthy lifestyle day 2 is going great 🙂
6. I no longer suffer from horrible headaches! Thank you acupuncture.
7. I managed to keep off 20 pounds that I lost origionally.
8. We joined a new gym with amazing classes and group sports.
9. I am employed!
10. The sun is shining and I live in a beautiful area in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am sure there are tons of reasons I have not mentioned but I honestly feel a little better after writing my top 10 list. Times are always going to get tough. My brain is going to fight me with negative thoughts all the time, I have to be the stronger person and tell it to be quiet. Fill it with good thoughts.

Workout for tonight- 1900 Yard swim!

Dinner plans- I am thinking salmon with cous cous and broccoli sounds amazing! If we make it I will post a pic and recipe, if not your screwed.

PS must get dessert!


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