The search continues

As we are fairly new to the wedding planning game we have only looked at about 3 possible venues. I somewhat feel like Goldilocks and the 3 bears when it comes to venue searching.

:::cue dream music, and picture me with long flowing blond hair:::

When Alylocks had to go on a magical search for the perfect venue she came into quite a predicament. The first venue was just a little too small when she looked. Alylocks furrowed her brow and thought “however will I fit my guests in the beautiful but small location?” When she looked at the second venue she thought, “O my this is beautiful but such a far walk from the cars. How will I ever make it a comfortable walk for my guests?” The 3rd Venue was very cute but had only 1 main bathroom. This was proving to be a very challenging job for Alylocks, so she decided to sit and drink a glass of wine until the next appointment was booked to look at another venue.

:::Fade out with sad music::::

So far I have not fount “the perfect” location yet. I am very hopeful that the perfect one will come up soon and until then the search continues. Tonight we are looking at the Brazillian room in TIlden park. I am hopeful for this location because Jason and I have a close fondness to Tilden park and we also took our engagement photos there last thursday. The Brazillian room is having an open house with catering and I am assuming it wiill be dressed up! I will make sure to post some pictures of the contenders when I think I have some. Until then I will be Hopefully? stuffing my face with delicious catering that will be competing for my love! Wedding planning is the best, when the stress dies down.


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