I miss you

I have to say I miss my blog. I have been so busy between Half-Iron man training, wedding planning and a full time job; there just isn’t enough hours in the day.

What’s been going on with me Lately?

If you don’t know what my wedding colors are yet, then you either don’t talk to me ever or barely read my blog, or you just forgot and I forgive you. The hint is in the writing 😉

With that I have been scouring online to find a cute dress to wear to my Hawaiian themed engagement party. I don’t want to jinx anything yet but I might have found a contender today! If it is picked there will be pictures to come.

I have some amazing family members and friends who are helping pull together the engagement party of the year. I am really excited to see everyone together and celebrate this truly special moment in my life.

Engagement photo shoot!

I don’t have pictures yet but we took our engagement photos last Thursday evening in Tilden Park. Ill give you a few clues of what you might see, A bright red barn, a beautiful green field and two people in love 🙂 More to come when the pictures come out!

Working out and losing weight

I have been struggling with the losing part. I am really trying to get my game face on and really tackle the last 10-15 pounds I want to lose for the wedding. I have over a year so it should happen eventually. I just don’t want to get too discouraged as I am trying to get it going. I also have been back in triathlon training and hoping that does some good things for the weight loss goals. We shall see, but as of now I am pretty much back to where I started in previous posts, which is fine because I am still down 25 pounds from 2 years ago.

Lets get this week off to an amazing start shall we? I am going to come write here at least 2 times! Now that is a commitment I can keep!


One Comment to “I miss you”

  1. Love ur blog! Good to see you on sat!

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