Time is getting away from me…..

I am sorry it has been so long. Life has been hectic to say the least. I will at least commit to coming on here and telling you about my past week, because as of now the work week just doesn’t seem possible for blogging. This is a good thing considering I like to be busy.

Wedding update: we have picked our wedding colors. Pink and Green, after careful thought I decided to go with two of my favorite colors. It helps Jason loves green as well. We are going to go to some locations for venues today I will make sure to take pictures and update you all. I also want to have record of this so when I think back I can see what I was thinking/feeling when I looked at these places.

Headache update: I am seeing an acupuncturist today to help with these relentless headaches. I have also started relaxing more about the weight loss, I feel that the headaches are brought on by stress so being as stress-free as possible is a huge goal for me.

Workout update: I am still on my little break from training but Half-Ironman training starts up next week. I am really excited to be working with 2 amazing coaches. Having personally catered training will be great. Get ready for the super fit Aly 🙂

I love you guys but I need an assistant to come on here daily to update. For now I will have to come when I can and give you little updates. Enjoy the sun wherever you are.


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