I wasn’t going to write a blog today about how I was feeling last night. I just wanted to let it all be happy butterflies and kittens dancing in the grass. Life doesn’t work that way. Last night I was uploading photo’s from my amazing Hawaiian engagement/triathlon trip. As the uploads completed my thoughts started to swim. I was so excited about the trip and how amazing everything was, but I was also not happy with my body. I tried to block out the feelings and remember I have come a long way, losing over 25 pounds, but all I could think about was the 15-20 I want to lose before the wedding. I was telling myself, you are going to be a beautiful bride no matter what don’t look at the negative just focus on the positive. This was a struggle. After shedding a few tears I took a bath and let my feelings drain away in the tub. I kissed my loving fiance last night and told him no matter what we are both going to look amazing at the wedding.

No matter what my weight or size I am going to glow like the bride to be that I am. I am going to continue to work on weight loss and mainly toning my body for me. I am going to focus on just feeling good about myself and the confidence, not the number lost or the inches.

I checked the scale this morning and saw that I only gained 1.2 pounds from my 10 day vacation. This is a huge win and I plan to take it and run with it. Life is a series of events that we have to learn and  grow upon.

I want to love life to the fullest and soak in all the happiness, there will be sad moments at times but the happy ones always subside them.


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