Getting ready for Hawaii!

My Triathlon bag is huge and will be filled with

  • goggles
  • swimcap
  • trisuit
  • running shoes
  • biking shoes
  • pedals
  • helmet
  • gu
  • bike gloves
  • water bottles
  • visor
  • socks
  • miscellaneous plane stuff

I have a large suitcase for everything else. Lets hope that I have everything I need and can fit all my goodies I am bringing back. Tonight is the final night I have in California. I wake up at 5am to leave our house at 6 to be at the airport at 7. My flight leaves at 8:50 and I arrive in Hawaii at 11:26. I think I am ready to  rock this triathlon and rock Hawaii. I truly feel blessed to have so many amazing teammates and such a great, generous , and amazing friend, Ashley, to let us enjoy Hawaii longer and take over her apartment in Honolulu! I promise to post pics and updates as much as I can. Jason just bought a new camera so this blog is going to be bitchin….Just sayin ;P


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