Turkey Bacon, a love hate relationship.

The last two days have been extremely mellow for me.  On most mornings during the weekends I am usually up by 6 and out the door somewhere in between 7 and 8.  Training with team in training has really made me look on weekends differently. They are time for me to get in my long runs and my double bricks ( Bike then Run followed by Bike then Run. But, this weekend is different. I am getting over a nasty cold that came on around Tuesday night and I am determined to be healthy as soon as possible. I have been lounging, laying, sitting and many more lethargic activities, it sucks. I thrive on being out running or biking or swimming. Getting my heart pumping and breaking a sweat. So in order to numb this pain I turn to bacon.

This is real bacon, I would not make you even look at turkey bacon if you didn't want to.

As I mentioned before I usually don’t have time to make a real breakfast. I can nuke some oatmeal and smash a banana in it in less than 5 minutes. These past two days I have been lucky enough to enjoy a warm hearty breakfast at home. I am talking Bacon(turkey bacon) eggs and pancakes. (you may now drool) I know, in fact, most of you would not consider turkey bacon bacon at all. I am still on the fence about it honestly. I like that it lower in fat, but it just doesn’t have the same crunch that regular bacon does. We are in operation, eat everything out of the fridge before Hawaii, so I have been in fact eating turkey bacon.  I have to say with some syrup on it and a banana pancake next to it, it isn’t half bad. But real pig bacon don’t worry, You are still my first love.


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