Being sick part 2

I am not sure if I can call this a part 2 since I didn’t officially have a part 1, but lets just call it the beginning to a 5 part trilogy…. I am on cold medicine so don’t judge me! It is pouring down rain here in cloudy San Francisco and I have been sucking down tea all day long at work. I really can’t take any more days off work, so I am toughing it out here. The funny thing is, I look cuter at work than I have in a long while since I am not either A. running to the gym right after work, or B. coming back from working out first thing in the morning. It means I am getting more sleep(if you can call downing half a bottle of nyquil and passing out halfway on the bed sleep) and apparently more time. Even in a glass-eyed, medicated state I am able to wake up, put on my make-up, find a cute outfit and head out the door. It also helps that I made a bunch of soup the other night and I have been living off that during my sickness.

Yesterday I wrote about how it is good to be sick right now, Check that out here if you missed it.

Today I have to say I am not feeling as upbeat about it. I am already over it and I want to be better. When I was just thinking about food, aka drooling over pictures of cookies online…(why did my boss tell me about snookie’s cookies? that just sounds dirty by the way), I thought about another thing that is good about being sick. When your sick you usually lose weight. Granted I am not advocating the next fad diet of tape worms, but hey if I can lose a few pounds before Hawaii, fine by me 🙂

I will leave you all to have a wonderful evening. I have a feeling that soup and The Event will be in my near future, we well as curling up on the couch with my 3 favorite meows.


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