Happy that I am sick…well almost.

I say that I am happy that I got sick only because

1. If I am going to get sick I would rather it be this week so I still have time to recover before leaving for Hawaii next week.

2. We are in our first week of tape, which means the workouts are slowed down to get us ready for the race.

The weird thing is that I somewhat knew that I was going to get sick this week. Let me give you guys a clue as to how I knew.

Saturday I had an intense workout in the rain. I swam for 1.5 hours and then ran in the rain for 5 miles. It was a great workout and I felt good doing it, but I could tell by Sunday that I was dragging. My team had a run Sunday morning and it was a beautiful day. I woke up a little tired, but ate my oatmeal and jammed over to the meet-up spot at Sports Basement in Walnut Creek. During the first few miles I could tell I was tired, but coming back I knew I was really just feeling exhausted and worn out. I remember thinking to myself, “Hey, WTF man, you can run 5 miles easily why is this so F-ing hard?” I should have known my body was telling me something, I just didn’t listen.

When I got off work yesterday trying to amp myself up for a swim, I just felt off. I decided to take it easy and make soup instead. I found this amazing recipe on eatingwell.com and wanted to try it out. I made a few tweaks, added kale. squash, carrots and celery to the soup, but other than that followed it exactly. It came out amazing! I highly recommend this recipe to anyone, sick or not. I have some leftovers for day and can’t wait to dig in.

Do you listen when your sick and take a break?


One Comment to “Happy that I am sick…well almost.”

  1. Just a thought but the 5 mile run the rain might have done it! lol 80 and Sunny soon!!!!

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