This Post is Krazy

I have so many things that I want to talk about, I went to a “Prom” for adults this Saturday night, I will make sure to put pictures up when I get the time (which could be never with how dang busy I am!), I also managed to do a double brick workout the night after prom( I swear a hangover gets better after you bike for an hour and then eat banana’s with nutella and m&m’s, I also want to talk about some of the goals I had planned and a few more things so that is why I would call this This post is Krazy!

To start Prom was awesome.  I double dated with one of my teammates turned new BFF. Jason looked so cute all dressed up in his suit it was great. I also was lucky enough to have my fairy god-mother/teammate Kim hook me up with a beautiful dress shoes and earrings! Score for not having to pay  a dime to my outfit! I danced the night away and most likely had a few too many  drinks, considering I had the double brick the next day!

Sunday Double Brick- I woke up in a bit of a daze, with the time change and the lack of sleep/drinks the night before I was a little out of it. I quickly backed my bag and headed to starbucks for breakfast and coffee, it helped a lot! I arrived at the workout with time to spare and made sure to hydrate and fuel up! The first leg of the bike was 90 minutes, I felt decent until I hit the water stop and when I saw the spread my spirit was lifted! Banana’s cut into slices with nutella and M&M’s it was the best fuel for a bike ride! I am going to remember that one!! After that I was feeling great. I made it back to the transition spot for the run. I made it about 10 minutes or so and had to turn back to use the bathroom. I sprinted to the restroom then finished the rest of my run on the track next to it. The next bike run was 60 minutes bike 20 minute run. I was starting to get tired the second brick but I still pushed through. When I was finally done I was so ready to go home and take a nap. Which I did, and yes, it was awesome.

Present day- before I touch on a recap I want to say that I am truly a changed person because of Team In Training. No I am not being told to say this in any way and the only benefit I get from writing about this is that maybe I can get the word out to more people about the leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Yesterday a good friend that I met through team in training posted about losing a good friend who was an honoree for her team. Because of Team in Training these people are able to fight cancer and survive a little longer. Some of them are lucky enough to keep fighting but unfortunately so many still end up passing away. I know too many people in my life that either have cancer or have passed away from cancer. I will keep fighting to help find a cure, and LLS is an amazing organization to work with.

Ok as I dry my eyes I am going to do a little recap of what my march goals  and highlight my progress Yay!!

March Goals

  • Weigh under 170 on April 1st.- Still working on this one, I have a little while still and I just need to lose .9. If it doesn’t happen I will not be devestated because I have been doing great everywhere else.

  • Write on my blog 1 time a week and make it positive 🙂 – Keeping it mostly positive has worked out well, and I have been blogging and thinking about blogging more! Score for that one.

  • Focus on the moment– this one I have to remember constantly. I am glad that I am revisiting these goals today so I can assess what I need to work on.

What goals have you been working on this month?


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