Monday thoughts.

Killing the Guilt Monster! Vent time!

I am definetly one of those people who dwell on things. But in my new month of being as positive as possible, I am trying hard to not only fight, but kill the guilt monster. The guilt monster rears its ugly head around when I have been less than perfect. What is perfection anyways? If I can go to bed feeling like I did something good for myself, and my body that day, I would consider it a perfect day. It does not mean that I was “perfect” with my food choices, or that I counted everything down to the last calorie. Food is something that should be enjoyed, and yes eat to live I understand; but at least have a love affair with food once in a while so you know that your alive. I was pretty good this weekend, not great but good. I can honestly say I went to bed every night and I could think of at least 1 thing I had done for my body that was healthy. I did enjoy myself as well. This is a balance I am learning slowly.

On to a happier note!

I am going to be in Hawaii soaking up the sun and competing in a triathlon in less than a month! I am trying hard to be as fit and trim as possible, and there is a lot I can still do in a month but I am not going to stress too much about it. Just excited for a little vacay and time with the BF. Can’t beat being in love. Today I have dinner planned with my bestie, so we know drinks will be happening. I am taking everything one meal and one minute at a time. Enjoy the time we have now because who knows what will happen next. I might get back into pushups this week if I can force myself to bust it. If I can get the boy to do some pushups with me that would be sweeet! I love having a partner to workout with. Well have a great day and I will be back this week with something else awesome to talk about.


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