Finding the silver lining.

I started this journey knowing that this would be a tough long road. Finding the silver lining is going to be my main focus from now on. Live is just too short to focus on the things that bother you. Most of the time it is my mind manifesting its own ideas of what and who I should be. I can not go on thinking like that. I have to find the silver lining. There is going to be a light at the end of this tunnel. I can already see it… It is waiting just ahead….

Lets just say that I was not exactly where I wanted to be at the end of the month but that is ok. I am going to go over the good things of February instead of listing the bad. I know that the good comes with the bad and in my head it can easily take over my thoughts, this is why I am committing to writing something positive 3 days a week on my blog. Even if it is just a fraction of  thought, a silver lining on this cloud is necessary.

February Goal that I completed!

Go to a yoga class at least 1 time
I tried a yoga class at my gym, granted it was not the best experience I did learn that I need to try different classes at my gym so I can find one that I like.

This makes me realize that I have too many goals that are pretty strict. I should not be so hard on myself and maybe just vaguely stay what I would like to happen this month.

March Goals!
*Weigh under 170 on April 1st.
As much as I didn’t want to put a number in my goals I would really love to be under 170. This has really been tough for me, It seems the darn scale does not want to go under that number. WTF man! I guess I need to try harder. So I think I can do that. Even if the scale says that I have gained again this week, I know I can lose it in 3 weeks. I can and I will.

  • Write on my blog 1 time a week and make it positive 🙂

This really is not that lofty of a goal. I also started bringing the mini laptop we had lying around at the house with me to work. That means I can squeeze in a post on the bus if I have to. Or I can do it on one of my breaks at work.
* Focus on the moment
I just want to be in the moment more. I worry too much about what is going to happen or what might happen instead of making right now the best it can be.

So I wanted to keep it simple and easy. There are also some things I just want to do more, like yoga or meal planning. But right now I am just pulled from every corner just to make it through the weeks. I am going to be happy and healthy because that is what I am already. Still debating about going to swim tonight or not… Turns out I can now. I think I should try because if I don’t I will most likely feel guilty about it.



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