Hey Blog…

Hey Blog. I know you miss me. I miss you to. Right now I just don’t have time for you in my busy life. I promise we will get together soon. 😦 Sad Face.

It has been super crazy with work and working out and trying to cook and everything in between. I believe there is some fashion thrown in there as well ;). I just wanted to give you a little check in on what’s going on. My weight has fluctuating back and forth as usual but I am trying hard to just not  give up. Even if it says the same during the next 4 or so weeks of training, I can say that I have not given up and I can hit it strong when I am not training for an endurance event. Triathlon training is tough, especially in the winter. I have learned my lesson. Blogging is hard when you don’t have the time either, I know I can make time but I feel that every ounce of energy is going towards team in training right now, which is ok. I will get into this soon I promise. I want to start posting pictures of outfits and accessories and workouts and recipes and all the like. I just need to find some time to do it. I hope you know I am thinking about you blog. I promise to come back with some kickass stuff as soon as I can. For now just remember the good times we have shared and look at my previous posts hehe.


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