My life, Last week.

Happy Monday blog readers. This week/weekend was such a whirlwind of fun and chaos I wanted to break it up for everyone to fully digest everything. I know my body is still trying to digest all the salted Hershey kiss cookies, and super bowl subs I ate yesterday, not to mention the delicious beer.

It all starts on Thursday. I was able to score some tickets to see Slash and Ozzy Osborne. I raced home after work, picked up my whole wheat pizza from Tomatina’s (not the best but decent), to meet my cousin at my house for a pre-concert dinner. We scarfed the pizza down and headed to San Jose HP Pavillion. We found parking pretty close for only 10 bucks (Sweet!) We arrived as Slash was playing and found our seats. After hearing his final song “Sweet Child of Mine,” We headed to grab some beer for Ozzy. Before Ozzy  came on stage there some hilarious video clips with ozzy playing various characters in skits. Ozzy started off his set with some of his new CD, but we were waiting to hear the classics. He played Iron Man, Crazy Train and ended with Mama I’m Coming Home. It was amazing seeing him so lively! I really didn’t know what to expect after seeing his reality show. I left the show smiling from ear to ear and I was so happy that I was able to share that experience with my awesome Cousin, Billy.

Friday we layed low, I was super tired from the night before I really didn’t feel like doing much.  We watched a movie and I played with my new Nexus One Google Phone that Jason so graciously donated to the sad phone kitty fund.

Saturday it was getting up early for a Bike/Run workout in Saulsalito! I had to cross two bridges to get there, but it was worth the drive with the amazing weather we were having. I wish I would have taken some pictures that day but I could you could say I was too busy living the moment. I left my house and it as already 65 degrees at 8 am, I knew it was going to be a great weather day.  It started with a 27 mile bike ride along the amazing peninsula with some gradual hills, but nothing to bad. Then a quick transition to the run to simulate what the race will be like. The 20 minute run was rough, I was hot and tired, not to mention I had already biked for 2 hours hah. I left the team, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, then the Bay Bridge and made it back to Alameda at 2. Jason was down at the shopping center doing a little shopping so I cleaned myself off and got pretty to meet him for sushi. I usually love Sushi House, but for some reason I was just not too into the rolls that day. It was still a good meal with some super yummy Sake. We went and did a few errands then headed home to bbq some awesome meat. We picked up a duck sausage, a Lamb sausage, a few short ribs and a little steak. You would think we are feeding an army, but no just us. The Lamb sausage got a little burned which was a super bummer because it tasted great and would have been better minus the char. The rest of the meal consisted of some roasted veggies and a few beers. We finished off the evening attempting to watch Coco before Chanel, but we both pulled a grandma move and fell asleep during the movie.

Sunday was another biking day! We had great weather again, 67 before leaving the house at 7:10. I was meeting some lovely ladies at the Orinda Sports center to start our ride tackling the 3 bears! They call it the 3 bears because there are 3 hills and they increasingly get larger, It starts with baby bear, then mama bear, then finally I am going to throw up and die, papa bear. I conquered the ride, swearing up the last hill most of the time, but felt amazing. I felt so accomplished to be able to do that ride and not give up. I pushed myself to some serious limits. Somewhere in the last 2 miles I popped my tired and we had to put some co2 in it to make it back to the car. Somehow in all the excitement of packing up my bike in my car I locked my key inside it. Carol had AAA so I was thankfully saved within minutes. It was a very interesting bike excursion day to say the least.

After washing up and eating an egg salad it was time to head to the Super Bowl Party at Adryon’s house. I met her adorable French Bulldog, Napolean, and we ate amazing food. There were 4 kinds of cookies, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, super bowl subs that contained every tasty meat that exists, a Swiss cheese dip that was out of this world and many other highly choleric eats.

But after all is said and done, I am so glad this weekend happened and I would not change it for the world. Maybe I won’t lose an ounce this week. Maybe I will even have a gain. These things happen and I am changing not only my body but my mind. I am not going to feel guilty for enjoying myself every now and then. I am picking myself up where I was last and restarting my healthy living today. I cheated a lot yesterday, but I also worked out hard this weekend. I spent time having fun and enjoying myself. That is a win in my book.

Last week I lost .8 pounds! That means
1.5lbs  + .8 + 1.6 + .8 = 4.7 lbs! Lost! That is almost 5 pounds! I said I was going to wait until I lose 5 pounds to buy new clothes. So far my WW weight is not at 5 pounds yet so I am going by that number. I need to tone it down on buying clothes so this is a good way to do that. I am happy to see that number and I am going to fight hard this month to have some good weight loss.


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