February goals

This month I want to focus on working out and losing weight. These are two things that can be easy or they can be difficult. It is really all in the mind. I am focusing on picturing myself smaller, and leaner. I have come a long way and I intend to keep up the fight to a fitter happier me. Here is a list of goals I have for February.

February Goals

  • Weigh 167 on March 1st
  • Make one new recipe a week, or die trying
  • Plan out weekly meals
  • Allow myself only 1 treat meal and 1 treat dessert a week
  • Go to a yoga class at least 1 time
  • Strength train 2-3 times a week
  • Check in weekly on my goals 🙂

I am very confident that I can accomplish this, I also plan to write more about my feelings and not worry so much about things. But those are life time goals that I will adjust as I go along. So far things are going great and I want to keep it that way. This week is already a little hectic with trying to do meal planning because it has been super busy. I plan to do my meal plans on Fridays for the next week so I can go to the grocery store sometime during the weekend, as well as make a fun recipe a weekend as well.

Work it Girl

Monday- Rest day (got a massage :P)

Tuesday- Swim with pushups

Wednesday- Run group with team- Run and core

Thursday- Swim in the early AM? maybe try to run instead…

Friday- Most likely a rest day since I am going to a concert Thursday, Go Ozzy!

Sat- Swim Run with the team

Sun- Bike/Run preview course for duathlon!

I am a little nervous about this duathlon on the 12th. I have never done a duathlon and I have never done this bike ride. I am trying to stay as confident as possible about it and just prepare for it as best I can. I know I will not fail and if I have to walk a little so be it. I am only worried about the hills but my friends have assured me that I can handle it. Lets hope for an amazing and empowering week!


One Comment to “February goals”

  1. You don’t worry about anything on the 12th!! You can do it!!! You are a strong woman and I have witnessed you do amazing things!!

    Have fun at Ozzy — I love him!! Rock out!

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