Before and After

I have been thinking a lot about whether to do this before and after. I am sure that I am going to put it on my about page as well but I wanted to have a post about it here since I just recently made it instead of making it in the beginning of the blog. There are a lot of things that come to mind and can be described in more than just an about me kind of page.  So without further ado here is a little background into my life of weight loss and fitness.

I was always the chubby girl. When I was in elementary school, as most kids were, I was teased for a multitude of reasons. I was a larger girl around that age, and it was a feature the kids liked to remind me about daily. This was rough because it lasted for a lot of elementary school and middle school. I had kind of a wacky home life as well, so I took it a little more personally than other kids might. I can still remember kids calling me purple cow when I dyed my hair purple in middle school. I thought I had wanted to be different, but really I just wanted the attention. Even though I was harassed I decided to take up as many sports and clubs as I could in 6th grade. I loved playing volleyball and basketball even if I wasn’t the fastest girl.

In 7th grade I broke my knee cap playing around at a friends house. I had to have surgery to take out the piece of my knee cap that broke, which put me in a knee brace for several months. I actually lost weight during this time because I was unable to get to the kitchen on my own. I remember being excited to wear a smaller size even though my knee was broken. This made the next few years difficult as I still wanted to be active. I tried to take up swing dancing in 8th grade, thinking  I could handle the exercise, but when I fell in front of the whole class I was reminded that it would not be as easy to be active.

Freshman year I tried out for the cheer leading squad, but I lived in a pretty high demand area and I did not make the cut; I was devastated. I was struggling on the inside because I wanted to be liked, I associated that with being thin. Everything I tried to do to be active was blowing up in my face. Not to mention the whole cheerleader popularity thing, I figured now I would never be in with the cool kids. So instead of trying to be with them I completely rebelled, I started hanging out with a different crowd. One that would go smoke behind the bleachers and made fun of the jocks and cheerleaders. I let it get to me, and I didn’t care what anyone thought. I started taking diet pills to lose the weight,  and at the time I thought it was the greatest thing ever. The weight came back when I stopped taking diet pills.

When I went to college was when the weight really came on. I had always fluctuated, and yes I was never 300 pounds but I was unhappy and unhealthy nevertheless. I partied and ate way to much food throughout my college life.  I worked on video production at school, so my last semester was lots of wrap parties and bars to celebrate new shows. I got up to 195lbs

When I graduated that year I wanted to make a change. I didn’t want to struggle finding clothes that fit and constantly feeling bad about myself. I remember I bought a pair of jeans in a size 14 that were snug, and that was when I decided I don’t want to be over weight anymore. I started calorie counting on my own and the first 15 pounds were coming off somewhat easily. The last 15 were a lot harder. I joined weight watchers to lose the last 15 and I was really close to getting to the weight I wanted to be, maybe the weight I wanted to be was crazy but I was close. I started triathlon training and now I am back to 15 pounds above where I want to be. but let me tell you I think I look a lot better now.

I know the last half of my journey is going to be a lot harder. I have been struggling for 2 years at this and I know it is going to take even longer. I am trying to focus on just being happy and healthy and let the rest fall into place. So far so good.


One Comment to “Before and After”

  1. Hey Miss! Thx for sharing! That took a lot of guts to sit down and reflect AND write it down for everyone to see.

    I wish I was brave enough to write down my “eating issues” for the world to see. Super proud of you!


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