Things are looking up~Friday Funday

My top 5 for today 🙂

Today has been a very good day, yes kind sir a very good day indeed! Think of that sung to a showtoon, I am thinking Mary Poppins esque. Can you tell I am in a great mood!

I went to the Dr and they gave me something different for these flippin headaches. Hopefully my brain pain will go away. So far today has been good on the brain front. I am ready to feel 100%, That is fosho! No Diggity Doubt on that one. I even did an inclined fast walk workout this morning followed with some bosu weights. It was pretty pimp…Just sayin.. I feel like a rock star that just slammed…..a coke, the soda of course 😉

1. The sun was out almost all week, the only thing not fun about it is that it went back in hiding.

2. My Duathlon is only 2 weeks away, I am pretty juiced/nervous.

3. Workouts this weekend include a swim/ bike race simulation, that means fast beezy time! Then Sunday is a fun run around the lake, lets hope it isn’t raining so I don’t die…MMMkay.

4. Sports massage on Monday to top off the weekend workout, OOOoo love massages and my dr prescribed them… well maybe not but I am not prescribing them to my monthly routine!

5. Tonight is burger night! yup and I am making it with real beef and real cheese, watch out tummy this is gonna be bomb!

Weight Update

Weight Lost/Gained

-1.5lbs  + -.8 + -1.6= 3.9 lbs!

Holla! Almost 4 lbs and I wanted to lose 5 but heyyyy I am still a rock star.


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